Friday, July 24, 2009

Red Carpets Roll Out in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, FL—KillaCozzy Productions announces that the world premiere of the feature film "Chiaroscuro, Baby" will be held at the Florida Theatre on November 4th, 2009.

The red carpet premiere will be black tie required and is expected to be one of the biggest film events in the city’s history. Tickets officially go on sale August 7th at the Florida Theatre box office as well as through Ticketmaster.

Christopher Bolla, Christianna L. White, and Milan Alley star in the film, produced entirely in Jacksonville under the working title, "Self-Portrait". The story follows an aspiring painter who compromises his ambition for his seductive girlfriend, only to be torn when his empowering new muse reignites his passion.

The picture takes cues from the classic and underground cinema of the 1960s, with inspired vintage costumes and makeup, not to mention an aged black & white design to the finished product. A retro soundtrack composed by local rocker Joe Parker and his band, Celestials, also stands out.

See the teaser trailer for "Chiaroscuro, Baby" at, and visit for more about the film and its grand premiere.

FIRST LOOK: Alice In Wonderland

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (In Disney Digital 3D™)

Release Date: March 5, 2010

Watch the first teaser trailer now:

Directed by Tim Burton with an all star cast including Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and Crispin Glover.

From Walt Disney Pictures and visionary director Tim Burton comes an epic 3D fantasy adventure ALICE IN WONDERLAND, a magical and imaginative twist on some of the most beloved stories of all time.  JOHNNY DEPP stars as the Mad Hatter and MIA WASIKOWSKA as 19-year-old Alice, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Mad Hatter. Alice embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true destiny and end the Red Queen’s reign of terror.  The all-star cast also includes ANNE HATHAWAY, HELENA BONHAM CARTER and CRISPIN GLOVER.

Capturing the wonder of Lewis Carroll’s beloved “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (1865) and “Through the Looking-Glass” (1871) with stunning, avant-garde visuals and the most charismatic characters in literary history, ALICE IN WONDERLAND comes to the big screen in Disney Digital 3D™ on March 5, 2010.

Director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp reunite for this new adventure. The pair first worked on the 1990 hit “Edward Scissorhands,” and quickly became close friends. Together they continue to create extraordinary and unusual films including “Ed Wood,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Corpse Bride” and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.”

Coming to the big screen in Disney Digital 3D™ on March 5, 2010, ALICE IN WONDERLAND is an epic 3D fantasy adventure starring JOHNNY DEPP as the Mad Hatter and MIA WASIKOWSKA as 19-year-old Alice, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Mad Hatter.



REPO! The Genetic Opera will once again take on San Diego Comic-Con. This time the film is traveling to the comic Mecca packing an army of fans, and a year of cult creation as the newest member of midnight cinema madness. This special midnight show will be chock full of what the nation is experiencing; Shadow Cast Performances, audiences adorned in REPO! regalia, attendee sing-a-longs and screen screaming audience participation. This Midnight show features guest appearances by Director Darren Bousman, Co-creators and cast members Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith, cast members Alexa Vega and Bill Moseley, Music Producer Joe Bishara, scene journalist and creator, of Repo! The Genetic Opera, Spooky Dan, and more. Repo! The Genetic Opera screens Saturday, July 25th at 11:59 PM at the Gas-lamp Stadium located at 701 Fifth Avenue:

REPO! continues to book theatres coast to coast from Arlington, VA to Albuquerque, NM. Local theatres are making REPO! The Genetic Opera a permanent part of their late night calendars. Why watch REPO! at home alone when you can be a part of an event and a community?

REPO! The Genetic Opera is in stores and available on DVD and Blu-Ray NOW.

REPO! The Genetic Opera: In the no-so-distant future, a worldwide epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet. Out of the tragedy, a savior emerges: GENECO, a biotech company that offers organ transplants...for a price. Those who miss their payments are scheduled for repossession and hunted by THE REPO MAN. By fusing ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and BLADE RUNNER, this futuristic tale of horror modernizes the "rock opera" genre with original music and rich, dark production design.

This rock opera boasts an entirely original soundtrack that blends equal parts goth and punk rock to form an eerie and powerful musical narrative and features vocal performances by an amazing cast; Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley, Sarah Brightman, Anthony Stewart Head, Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Ohgr and more. Instrumentals and score provided by an all-star lineup that features performances from Joan Jett( who cameos in the film), Richard Patrick (Filter), Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction), Clown (Slipknot), Ray Luzier (Army of Anyone), Brian Young (David Lee Roth's band), Sonny Moore (From First to Last), Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses), David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets), Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne), Tommy Clefetus (Rob Zombie's band), Melora Creager (Rasputina). Also lending her voice to the soundtrack is the edgy pop star Poe.

For behind the scenes footage and more visit the film's main page

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Moore Unveils Title for New Film

Oscar®-winning filmmaker’s October 2nd Release a “Love Story” About Capitalism

Capitalism: A Love Story is the newly unveiled title of Oscar®-winner Michael Moore’s latest documentary feature. Overture Films will release the film domestically on October 2, 2009, and Paramount Vantage will handle international distribution. As previously announced, Moore will return to the issue that began his career: the disastrous impact that corporate dominance and out-of-control profit motives have on the lives of Americans and citizens of the world.

On why he chose to make a ‘love story,’ Moore stated that it was time for him to make a ‘relationship movie.’ "It will be the perfect date movie," said Moore. "It's got it all -- lust, passion, romance, and 14,000 jobs being eliminated every day. It's a forbidden love, one that dare not speak its name. Heck, let’s just say it: It’s Capitalism.”

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Authentic youth lifestyle brand Hurley and Warner Bros. Records will release The Drifter, iconic surfer Rob Machado's much-anticipated autobiographical movie, this fall. The film will have limited theatrical screenings across the country and will also be released on DVD. Directed by Poor Specimen's Taylor Steele this is a personal journey as much as it is a showcase of some of the world's most flawless waves.

The Drifter starts in Bali, where Machado is looking for life's deeper meaning. That surf trip ends up taking him on a soul-searching journey where he eventually finds himself in Indonesia's outermost reaches with nothing but a surfboard, his journal and a tent. Machado's conclusion after scoring more perfect waves than any surfer could ever wish for? There's always a new dream to chase.

Machado has been chasing dreams ever since he set foot on a surfboard in 1985. From his years as a top amateur surfer to his world runner-up finish in 1995 to his Pipe Masters victory in 2000, Rob has always accomplished what he's set out to achieve. The Drifter is a culmination of the second phase of his career, where he's blazed a path and sealed his legacy as not only one of the world's most stylish surfing ambassadors, but a true humanitarian. This is evident in the film itself, where he helps fund and construct a well for a remote village in Sumba — part of his Hurley H20 campaign.

Much of the dialogue in The Drifter is taken from Rob's own personal journals. According to respected surf journalist Nathan Myers, who co-wrote the movie, there is nothing embellished in Rob's candid, heart-felt passages. It is these passages, in fact, that drive the movie, from Rob's epiphany in Bali, to his ill-fated motorcycle purchase, to his decision to delay his return to California, blindly pick a new island on the map, and just go.

The result is a tender, honest film that will enlighten as much as it will inspire. As Machado says, "Not all who wander are lost."

Don't Just Watch, RIP! This Film

This "Remixed" Film is the Definite Documentary of the Digital Age

What would it mean if, ten years ago this month, we did not have the ability to share files freely online? The whole idea of sharing viral videos through a site like YouTube would be completely gone. Forget about sharing photos with your family and friends on Flickr, and even those ever-present LOLcats (this is perhaps a mixed blessing). Would we be listening to music over the Internet on such sites as Pandora, or downloading songs without having to buy the whole album from a virtual "record store" like iTunes? Simply stated, the Internet is the most effective way human beings have ever devised to share their ideas. The question of how easy — or not — it is for us to share our music, photos, videos, all our creative works or any media — is the focus of Brett Gaylor's definite documentary of the digital age, RIP! A Remix Manifesto.

RIP! chronicles our media revolution over the last ten years since a teenager named Shawn Fanning in June 1999 changed the face of entertainment, copyright, and the way we look at the Internet. His problem child, Napster, took the idea of sharing "ideas" — notably in the form of music — from the backrooms of bulletin boards to a much wider audience — one very hungry in the late '90s for what they were (not) finding on the radio or "music" television.

If you read the word "Napster" and are thinking "theft" — RIP! is a film that's NOT about making all things free and destroying our system of commerce. This documentary is about our cultural transformation from a media system of a few, very expensive means of distribution, to one where anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can be a consumer as well as a producer of media. Gaylor affirms that balance is needed to ensure that Innovation is: 1) Encouraged and not stifled; 2) Beneficial to all and not just the powerful; 3) A matter of civic cooperation and not for the criminal justice system.

Just how we can strike this delicate balance, RIP! proposes a remix manifesto based on four assertions:

Culture always builds on the Past

The Past always tries to Control the Future

Our Future is becoming less Free

To build Free societies, you must limit Control of the Past

These assertions are then supported using some very captivating studies about several people including: iconic remix artist Girl Talk (whose music you can't find on iTunes except in this film); visionary remix lawyer Lawrence Lessig (author of Free Culture, Code 2.0, and Remix, all available freely at; steadfest remix activist Cory Doctorow (co-author of the widely-popular cultural blog BoingBoing); and pioneering remix politician/musician Gilberto Gil (a former Brazilian Minister of Culture, a rare case of a politician who is a contributor to culture and not a controller of it).

To prove that RIP! pays more than lip-service to the debate, the entire film is available for remixing at During the production of the movie, footage was made available for anyone to create "mash-ups" which found their way into the final film. A participatory media experiment from its inception, says Gayor, "RIP! is an attempt to move beyond the traditional relationship of producer and consumer — we want to recognize that this passive era is over ... and that the film remains an evolving conversation about intellectual property in the digital age."

On the consumer end of the spectrum, RIP! is available in a variety of ways. After premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in March, numerous theatrical screenings have been held throughout the U.S. On the filmmaker's directive, a "Name Your Price" campaign exists at where site visitors set their own price (including free) to download the film. The Disinformation Company has launched digital purchases through iTunes and other platforms, and will release on DVD at the end of June. Exactly how the viewer would like to experience RIP! is for the individual to decide, and not a few corporate decision-makers.

So what will we see from here? Who knows for sure, but the place to start discovering what the future may hold is by watching Brett Gaylor's RIP! A Remix Manifesto.