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Opens in Jacksonville tomorrow, Wednesday Nov 25th 2009!

Want to see it compliments of MOVEMENT? We have the giveaways, all we need from you is to send us an email address to MOVEMENTmagazine@aol.com and we'll be doing a random drawing for tickets and posters!


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If you missed out on passes for FANTASTIC MR. FOX advance screening passes at Are Friends Electric? last Wednesday you've got a last minute second chance. Visit Cool Moose Cafe or Universe of Superheroes today, Tuesday November 24th and pick yours up! No purchase necessary, first come first served while supplies last!


To be entered to win a BRUNO DVD e-mail MOVEMENT who you would want Bruno to interview and what would you want him to ask!

E-mail MovementMagazine@aol.com

One entry per e-mail address please! Prizes are limited. Entries chosen at random. Good luck!

out now on DVD and BLU RAY

Friday, November 20, 2009

Coming to DVD: Drop Dead Rock starring Adam Ant and Deborah Harry

Drop Dead Rock Starring Adam Ant and Deborah Harry
To Be Released On DVD December 8
MVD Visual is pleased to announce the DVD release of the cult classic Drop Dead Rock on December 8, 2009.

Drop Dead Rock stars '80's music icons Adam Ant and Deborah Harry. This film festival favorite played the art house circuit when it premiered in 1995. It was written by Ric Menello and Adam Dubin, the creators of the Beastie Boys classic music video Fight For Your Right To Party. Drop Dead Rock was directed by Adam Dubin who recently directed comedian Lewis Black's concert film Stark Raving Black.

"I wanted to make a 60's movie about an 80's rock star in the 90's," said Dubin.

Drop Dead Rock is a no holds barred, rock and roll comedy. A down and out, rock n' roll band, Hindenburg, kidnap their favorite British rock star, Spazz-O, and hold him hostage. The problem is, Spazz-O's ex-porn star wife Holly Everest (Playboy lingerie model Chelsey Parks) and his back-stabbing manager, Dave Donovan (Adam Ant), can't wait to get their hands on his fortune, and have hired a hitman to do him in. Thanks to a media feeding frenzy, Spazz-O's career is hotter than ever. Enter media mogul Thor Sturmundrang (Deborah Harry) with a big advance check. Now Spazz-O is worth more alive than dead. Dave must outwit the bumbling band, clumsy cops, ruthless record execs and terrifying terrorists to get his just reward. Drop Dead Rock explodes in a comic free for all.

"The film is good. I can't tell you how much it made me laugh doing it," said Ant. "I still laugh now just thinking about it. It's kind of like a 90's Spinal Tap."

Film Threat predicted, "Drop Dead Rock is destined for late night cult status and instant success in the video market."

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eight (Years) is Enough: Time to Rethink Afghanistan

"Greenwald demonstrates deft timing with RETHINK AFGHANISTAN, a documentary questioning the American presence there ... [the film] presents a flurry of sights, voices and figures, many of them compelling." — The New York Times

"Sending more troops will not make the U.S. safer; it will only build more opposition against us. I urge you on behalf of truth and patriotism to consider carefully and rethink Afghanistan." — Retired Corporal Rick Reyes, speaking before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

NEW YORK (NOVEMBER 19, 2009) — As President Obama redirects his attention from the Iraq War, no documentary film could be more timely or relevant than RETHINK AFGHANISTAN, from award-winning filmmaker Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Foundation. This groundbreaking documentary from the creator of such films as Uncovered: The War on Iraq and Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers is among the first films to raise hard questions about the war and the United States' escalating military involvement.

As the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan continually creates unintended consequences, RETHINK AFGHANISTAN investigates the most striking issues surrounding the war — the impact on our troops, Pakistan's still underreported involvement, and the cost of war in financial and human terms — through the eyes of experts and the people of Afghanistan.

Launched in January 2009 on a small budget, Greenwald originally released a series of online segments that introduced significant and serious questions in an effort to change public opinion on the war. Hopeful that it would raise the level of public discourse, Brave New Foundation then edited their context into RETHINK AFGHANISTAN, a feature-length film with the ultimate goal to compel all Americans to ask key questions about the war. The campaign has already successfully helped retired Corporal Rick Reyes, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to testify before Senator John Kerry and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and to discuss the issue with members of Congress.

In recent months, with waning support for the war, tens of thousands of citizens have gathered to watch segments of the documentary through grassroots screenings in local churches, theaters, and community centers across the country. With all the house parties and screenings that have been held and continue to be scheduled, RETHINK AFGHANISTAN is now available for the first time everywhere DVDs are sold.

We all must RETHINK the war in Afghanistan TODAY.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The suicide cult that off-ed themselves at the foot of a Mayan pyramid in the early part of the new blockbuster disaster 2012 actually killed themselves to avoid having to sit through the rest of the 158 minutes of grueling, trite and utterly predictable celluloid. The movie itself was the greatest disaster of them all. Just watch the trailers and featurettes and sleep well that you've pretty much seen all the best parts of this film. Come armageddon, come.

(no one that sees this film!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


(Fort Lauderdale, FL) November 3, 2009 - On the heals of their 24th Annual event, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) brings their vacation from ordinary film

to Jacksonville for the first time. 12 top new independent films will be presented at Jacksonville’s premiere art-house, 5 Points Theatres, from November 12 – 15, 2009.

Sponsored by Visit Florida, Florida Arts, CVB, and Broward County Cultural Arts the festival is programmed by FLIFF President & CEO Gregory von Hausch and Sr. Programmer, Bonnie Leigh Adams. The esteemed film festival features an eclectic array of films, from action-packed crime thrillers to romantic comedies and intense dramas to fascinating documentaries. Audiences are sure to find something to their liking.

Fondly known as FLIFF, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, featured over 100 films at the 2009 event in South Florida and operates their own 220 seat art house theatre, Cinema Paradiso, year-round. FLIFF also offers free outdoor movies monthly. Their outreach programs run from Key West to Tallahassee. Named the longest running festival in the world by The Guinness Book of World Records, FLIFF is also one of the top destination film festivals world-wide and has received honors from the media and the Florida Arts Council.

Five Points Theatre is an historic single screen art-house style theatre dedicated to bringing top independent and foreign films to the Jacksonville communtiy year-round. Five Points offers beer, wine and expanded concessions.

Admission to FLIFF at 5 Points Theatre in Jacksonville is:
$7 /movie… OR… a pack of five for $25
$5 per movie for all Military Service Personnel & Students with I.D.

For advance tickets call 904-358-0605 9-5PM Monday-Friday.

Tickets are also available at the box office from 6pm to 10:00pm M-F and weekends beginning at 12:30PM.

5 Points Theatre is located at 1028 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204-3908
(904) 359-0047 or www.5pointstheatre.com

Free parking available at the corner of Park and Post. Handicapped parking and entrance on Margaret Street.


directed by Isaak James & Eva James / USA / 2009 / 108 min
Thursday, November 12, 7:00pm

After a breakup with her boyfriend and mentor, Ellen, a restricted calorie nutritionist, embarks on a quixotic journey to discover meaning outside the refuge of her diet obsessed world. In her travels she becomes involved with a struggling idealist on a mission to raise capitol for a landmine detonating robot, a controversial author on autism and an unorthodox personal injury lawyer. A wonderfully offensive movie – the feel bad film of the year. We loved it! Starring Michael J. Burg, Isaak James.

directed by Brian Caunter / USA / 2009 / 95 min
Thursday, November 12, 8:30pm

The Chicago Outfit was the most powerful organized crime syndicate of the 20th century and Lou Marazano (Frank Vincent) was their deadliest hit man. When a high-profile union rep is arrested for tax fraud, the Outfit’s top boss orders a string of key witnesses silenced. When Lou finds out about the job, he sees an opportunity. With a relentless homicide detectives begin nipping at his heels, Lou must prove he’s still the Outfit's most deadly hit man. Starring: Frank Vincent, Kathrine Narducci, Mike Starr, Armand Assante, Stacy Keech.

directed by Jake Goldberger / USA / 2009 / 87 min
Friday, November 13, 7:00pm

Twists, turns, fantasy, reality, past history and future tragedy runs into a mass collision in this comic thriller. Don, a school janitor receives a letter from his high school flame, Sonny. Its message rekindles desires within Don and also mystifies for reasons we learn later. Don abruptly takes a leave from his mop duties to return to Sonny where she has been afflicted with ... something. From that point on, the mystery escalates. The whole town seems sinister and there is more than an air of secrecy wafting through the trees. Starring Thomas Haden Church, Elizabeth Shue, Melissa Leo, and M. Emmett Walsh.

directed by Keren Atzmon / USA / 2009 / 93 min
Friday, November 13, 8:30pm

A quirky indie romantic comedy. Mia, a flakey failed writer with a penchant for lying, which gets her in deep doo-doo with her perfect sister. She falls for a surprisingly sincere aspiring rockstar who joins her on her wild search through the East Village. Like a screwball comedy, the lead continues to innocently create havoc wherever her whim takes her. Starring Joyce DeWitt, Lindsay Michelle Nader.

directed by James Westby / USA / 2008 / 80 min
Friday, November 13, 10:15pm

A mélange of romantic comedy and raunchy satire set in the world of adult film, THE AUTEUR is the story of renowned porn director Arturo Domingo, the creative genius behind classics like Five Easy Nieces and Requiem for a Wet Dream, who has arrived in Portland, Oregon to receive a Lifetime Achievement award at a film festival. Arturo is delighted at the prospect of reviving his sagging career, yet troubled that fate would lead him to the hometown of his only true love, Fiona. Starring Melik Malkasian and Katherine Flynn plus Ron Jeremy as himself.

directed by Rob Margolies / USA / 2008 / 94 min
Saturday, November 14, 1:00PM

The Bernstein’s are not clicking on all cylinders. The family needs a tune-up…but you wonder if anything could help. Ira, the Dad is a Dr. of Dermatology. He often puts his foot down like the stamping of a feather. Nancy (mom) is literally at her wits end dealing with a Michael, the eldest, who is bursting with suppression, Meghan the evil tongue daughter – abrasive and contemptuous. And then there’s Spencer, the 12 year old who seemingly outwits all. Starring Jane Adams (Hung), Josh Pais, Robbie Sublett, Dreama Walker, Jacob Kogan.

directed Gerald Salmina / Austria / 2009 / 100 min
Saturday, November 14, 7:00PM

Set against the backdrop of Alaska’s dangerous beauty, a film about a visionary borderline experience where unparalleled physical and mental pressure pushes the protagonists to the absolute limit. Two Austrian ski alpinists and an American free ski pro are facing this breathtaking challenge!

AMANCIO: Two Faces On A Tombstone (Gay Cinema)
directed by Tom Murray / USA / 2009 / 64 min.
Saturday, November 14, 9:00PM

Amancio Corrales emigrated from Mexico to Yuma Arizona with his parents in search of a better life. Gay and Hispanic, Amancio dreamed of one day being a performer in Las Vegas, but his dream was cut short on May 6, 2005 when Amancio’s body was found floating in the Colorado River near Yuma. Plus, AUDIENCE WITH THE QUEENS directed by Robbie Hopcraft / USA / 2009 / 34 min - is a glimpse into the lives of Drag Queen performers in Key West.

directed by Andrew O’Connor UK / 2007 / 90 min
Sunday, November 13, 3:00pm

Robert Webb and David Mitchell, two of Great Britain's most popular comedians, star as Karl and Harry, the greatest magic double act in the country. After a guillotine illusion goes horribly and spectacularly wrong, their friendship and their careers are finished. Now, down on his luck and out of cash, Harry sets his sights on the prize money of the prestigious 'Int’l Magic Shield' tournament. To win he will have to compete against the world's oddest (and saddest) magicians - including his deadly rival Karl, performing as 'The Mindmonger'.

directed by Alexander Snelling / UK / 2009 / 80 min / HDCam
Sunday, November 15, 1:00pm

The award-winning comedy about 10 people who go to India for the answers. Their misadventure begins by enlisting New York guru. A road trip with a difference; it’s got depth, it’s got soul, and will take you places you’ve never been. An essential for all travelers. “Deep & hilarious…” Dazed & Confused “…A spiritual Spinal Tap.” LeCool “Healing & Enlightening!” The Guardian.

directed by Josh Goldin / USA / 2009 / 89 min
Sunday, November 15, 5:00pm

Ben Singer (Matthew Broderick) is a proofreader with a complex past, a compulsive marijuana smoker, and a less-than-extraordinary weekend dad. He's also the most negative man alive. Ben's only comfort comes from regular chess games and friendly debates on game theory with his roommate. When events conspire against him, Ben's pessimistic worldview seems unequivocally confirmed. But Ben soon finds that cynicism may be all a matter of perspective.

directed by Steve Blair /USA / 2008 / 83 min
Sunday, November 15, 7:00pm

3 weeks before their wedding, Bob and Cheryl (Bryan Callen and Alexi Gilmore) discover they have not taken the pre-marital classes required by their Catholic church. Their pastor arranges private classes for them with the Stelmacks (Jane Lynch and Matt Servitto), a couple whose 17 year marriage is the definition of dysfunctional lunacy.Bob and Cheryl are in love and blissfully ignorant of any secrets hiding in the nooks and crannies of each other hearts. Unfortunately the Stelmacks are determined to enlighten them, and encourage indiscriminate “sharing.”


Set in the mystical lands of Persia, PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME is an epic action-adventure about a rogue prince (JAKE GYLLENHAAL) and a mysterious princess (GEMMA ARTERTON) who race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time—a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.

See the new trailer HERE.

PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME hits theaters everywhere on May 28th, 2010!

V (2009)


Last night ABC premiered a sleek and stylized revamping of the 80's TV series. In contrast to the original, being replayed ad nauseam on the SyFy channel for weeks now, the new series wastes no time in weaving in contemporary issues of immigration, terrorism and universal heath care - though it was disappointingly presented as an alien, and thus evil idea - along with quickly revealing the Visitors true reptilian identity. As the Visitors ships descend from the heavens over every major city a message goes out from their leader, not a grandfatherly like leader of the original series, but a super hot Morena Baccarin (Inara on Firefly), letting the world know that they have come in peace and are only interested in the trade of resources to continue their mission. However, by the end of the pilot FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell), who's son is lured into being an advocate for the Visitiors by yet another hot alien girl, discovers that the Visitors have been already been on earth for some time as a terrorist sleeper cell. With the underground resistance formed, the conspiracies welling up to the surface, and their reptilian skin revealed in just the first episode, I look forward to seeing where the producers will take this exciting new series.

Staring Morena Baccarin (Inara on Firefly)