Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama documentary "Dreams From My Real Father" on DVD

Highway 61 Entertainment announces the home viewing release of DREAMS FROM MY REAL FATHERA Story of Reds and Deception for worldwide distribution on DVD.  Called "A game changer for the 2012 Presidential election" and "A tour de force that changes our view of the President" this may be the most innovative and controversial political documentary ever made.The Obama Nation author Dr. Jerome Corsi writes, "A must watch film!" 

Film Description:

At age 18, Barack Obama admittedly arrived at Occidental College a committed revolutionary Marxist.  What was the source of Obama's foundation in Marxism?  Throughout his 2008 Presidential campaign and term in office, questions have been raised regarding Barack Obama's family background, economic philosophy, and fundamental political ideology. Dreams from My Real Father is the alternative Barack Obama "autobiography," offering a divergent theory of what may have shaped our 44th President's life and politics.   

In Dreams from My Real Father, Barack Obama is portrayed by a voiceover actor who chronicles Barack Obama's life journey in socialism, from birth through his election to the Presidency. The film begins by presenting the case that Barack Obama's real father was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA propagandist who likely shaped Obama's world view during his formative years. Barack Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. Was the goat herding Kenyan father only a fairy tale to obscure a Marxist agenda, irreconcilable with American values? 

This fascinating narrative is based in part on 2 years of research, interviews, newly unearthed footage and photos, and the writings of Davis and Obama himself. Dreams of My Real Father weaves together the proven facts with reasoned logic and speculation in an attempt to fill-in the obvious gaps in Obama's history. Is this the story Barack Obama should have told, revealing his true agenda for "fundamentally transforming America?" Director Joel Gilbert concludes, "The 'Birthers' have been on a fool's errand. To understand Obama's plans for America, the question is not 'Where's the Birth Certificate?,' the question is 'Who is the real father?'"

Complete Q and A with director Joel Gilbert:

Film Website and

Link to Purchase Item(s)

The Story Of Rock 'N' Roll Comics: NYC DVD Release Party, Theatrical Screening, and more

The Story Of Rock 'N' Roll Comics is coming to NYC for a multi-event celebration of the DVD release on April 24...

On April 23, Forbidden Planet (840 Broadway, NYC) will host a release party/artists signing from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Original Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics artists will be in attendance signing old issues of RnR Comics, trade paperbacks, DVDs, etc. Original copies of the actual comics will be randomly given away to attendees. Artists confirmed include Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen, and Robert V. Conte. Also in attendance will be director Ilko Davidov, doing a Q&A session and signing DVDs.

Following the release party, Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street, NYC) will host a screening of the film at 9:00pm. It will be followed by a Q&A with the director and artists. Free copies of the DVD will be given away to random attendees at the theater.

Then on April 28 and 29, Nitehawk Cinema (136 Metropolitan Avenue - Brooklyn, NY 11249) will host a "Rock N Roll Comics" brunch at 12:00pm. The brunch includes food, drinks and a screening of the film, followed by a special Q&A session with cast and crew.

The Story Of Rock 'N' Roll Comics charts the short and controversial life of publisher Todd Loren, whose scandalous series of unauthorized comic book biographies of rock stars enraged and sometimes charmed his subjects, provoked numerous lawsuit threats from the likes of Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses and Skid Row, and eventually led to a landmark First Amendment case, all before he was savagely murdered in 1992.

This documentary mixes animation and eerie home video of Todd Loren along with interviews and commentary that reflect the range of opinions regarding his cultural legacy - Including firsthand accounts from many of the artists and writers who were inspired and exploited by Loren, all peppered with insights from both the Rock & Roll and comic book communities from such luminaries as Alice Cooper, Gary Groth, Ian Shirley, Mojo Nixon and more.


* S.R.P.: $19.99

* Running Time: 80 minutes

* Features: Over two hours of bonus features, extended interviews, TV news clips, commercials, trailers and a Revolution Comics/ Rock 'N' Roll Comics cover art gallery. Liner notes from Rock 'N' Roll Comics co-creator Jay Allen Sanford, as well as from rock critic Rob O'Connor.

* Release Date: April 24, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day with a double feature this Saturday!

Saturday, April 14 @ 7:00pm


The Song of the Cloud Forest
from The Jim Henson Hour
Directed by Jim Henson

Fraggle Rock: "River of Life"
Directed by Eric Till

Recommended for ages 6+

For Center Members ONLY | Cost: FREE 
Museum exhibits open at 5:30pm | Cash Bar opens at 6:15pm

Not a Member?
Join today to enjoy free admission to ALL movies in our Film Series!

For reservations or to purchase a Membership
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Up Next in our Film Series:
Chinese Shadows:
The Amazing World of Shadow Puppetry in Rural Northwest China

Thursday, May 10 @ 7:30pm

This documentary follows shadow puppet performers on their journey from village to village presenting energetic shows in cave dwellings and temples.

Directed by Frank Kouwenhoven
2007/58min/Chinese (English subtitles)

Recommended for ages 14+
Cost: $7 | FREE for Members • 404.873.3391 • 1404 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30309
Center for Puppetry Arts supported in part by:

Left column photos from top to bottom: Making War Horse: Photo by Simon Annand • Classics in Miniature: Courtesy of Classics in Miniature • Mozart in China: Courtesy of Delphis Films • Henson's Place: © 2011 The Jim Henson Company • Being Elmo: Photos by Scott McDermott • The Lady from Sockholm: Photo by Craig Waller

Right column photos from top to bottom:The Muppet Christmas Carol: © 2011 The Muppet Studio, LLC • The Great Muppet Caper: © 2011 The Muppet Studio, LLC • Babe: © Universal Studios, Inc. • Celebrate Earth Day: © 2011 The Jim Henson Company • Chinese Shadows: Courtesy of Frank Kouwenhoven / CHIME Foundation

Photo Credits: Celebrate Earth Day: © 2011 The Jim Henson Company; Chinese Shadows: Courtesy of Frank Kouwenhoven - Chime Foundation 

Its Friday the 13th and he's back ...

Friday The 13th: Extraction from samuel farmer on Vimeo.

Check out this short film directed and co-written by local Jax filmster and long time MOVEMENT contributor, Sam Farmer! Thanks Sam for making this a great Friday the 13th!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cinemark Presents Release of Academy Award-Winning® “The Godfather Part 2”

Cinemark and Paramount Pictures Celebrate the Coppola Restoration of “The Godfather Part 2” with Special Cinemark Events at Theatres Across the US

Plano, TX, April 12, 2012 Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), a leading motion picture exhibitor, is following up the successful presentation of the Francis Ford Coppola’s restored version of his Academy Award®-winning “The Godfather,” with an exclusive, one-night only XD presentation of “The Godfather Part 2” on Thursday, April 19, 2012. The “Coppola Restoration” of the film, presented by Paramount Pictures, was meticulously restored using 5.1 digital surround sound and re-mastered using state-of-the-art technology, all under the watchful eyes of director Francis Ford Coppola, archivist Robert Harris and cinematographer Gordon Willis.

“The response to the first Godfather movie in Cinemark XD was incredible, so it is natural to present “The Godfather Part 2” to our customers,” states James Meredith, Vice President of Marketing for Cinemark Theatres. “We are very pleased to once again work with Paramount to show this award-winning classic film on our XD screens and give it the true big-screen treatment it deserves.”

The brilliant companion piece to “The Godfather” continues the saga of two generations of successive power within the Corleone Family from a screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola based on Mario Puzo’s novel.  Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, “The Godfather Part 2” tells two important stories: the roots and rise of a young Don Vito, played with uncanny ability by Robert De Niro, and the ascension of Michael (Al Pacino) as the new Don. Reassembling many of the talents who made “The Godfather”, Coppola produced a movie of staggering magnitude and vision, and undeniably the best sequel ever made. Robert De Niro won an Oscar, and the film received six Academy Awards ®, including Best Picture in 1974. The film has been rated R by the MPAA.

The Coppola Restoration of “The Godfather Part 2” 40th Anniversary Edition as a project began in 2006 between Paramount Pictures and the director. Archivist Robert Harris joined the project, followed by the original cinematographer of the film Gordon Willis, to complete the team who worked arduously on the film for over a year going through the original prints, re-release prints, and negatives, shot by shot, foot by foot, frame by frame and even sprocket hole by sprocket hole.

The Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium offers a complete entertainment environment featuring a wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor screen, plush seating and a custom JBL sound system with higher end components and 7.1 capable digital surround sound. The digital images will be delivered by a Doremi server and a Barco DLP digital projector, which offers the brightest light standards in the industry. A full list of participating Cinemark XD locations, advance ticket purchases and show time information can be found at

Monday, April 9, 2012

THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL Sold Out Los Angeles, CA Premiere: One Hell of a Good Time!

Description: 142510373_TO_2417_4D8F786A136084BD312D5369F5FBC3FB

Last Thursday, April 5th, the sold out premiere of THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL kicked off the tour with a bang! Director Darren Bousman, co-writer and star Terrance Zdunich, as well as stars Jessica Lowndes, Bill Moseley, Paul Sorvino, Dayton Callie, M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan, Sean Patrick Flanery, and more appeared on the red carpet at the Laemmle Royal Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. See below for some great photos of the premiere!

Description: 142510373_TO_2586_6B6BAE6ACAB031EC3744BC24B0FE142E
Actress Briana Evigan, Director Darren Bousman, and Co-Writer/Actor Terrance Zdunich

Description: 142510373_TO_2545_B733CBD5720676A162043D31E2E346EB
Actress Jessica Lowndes

 Description: 142510373_TO_2512_AAF55D5DF84A880E4F760810EDC8BA37
Actor Paul Sorvino

 Description: 142510373_TO_2534_0401233944FBC03BC47EF19E58547F2D
Actor Sean Patrick Flanery

 Description: 142510373_TO_2625_CEBD715A75D3DD857B7A9DD084AA8677
Co-writer and actor Terrence Zdunich and the sold out Laemmle Royal Theater!

Do you want to meet the stars and minds behind the new musical movie sensation, THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, face-to-face? Now is your chance! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL team recently confirmed the list of cast and crew appearing on each date of this exclusive road tour and are now revealing this list to the world!

The creators of the film, director Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich (Lucifer), are scheduled to appear at each tour stop and will be joined at several exclusive showings by numerous stars of the film. The stars will participate in meet & greets, Q&A forums, sing-a-longs, and more! See below for a list of the cast and crew currently confirmed to appear on the tour and stay tuned for more appearance confirmations for the remainder of the tour coming soon.

***Stars CONFIRMED to join THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL creators Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich on the tour are:

Marc Senter

Hannah Minx

Hannah Minx

Hannah Minx

Hannah Minx

J LaRose

J LaRose

J LaRose

Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch

Ivan Moody

Ivan Moody
J LaRose

Briana Evigan

Briana Evigan

Briana Evigan

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn
M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan

Emilie Autumn


***All celebrity special guests are confirmed on tour but are subject to cancellation due to professional commitments outside of THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL'S control. Please visit our official Facebook page for tour news and updates:
Buy your tickets NOW to experience the devilish insanity in person with your favorite actors and musicians. Keep in mind, THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL can only be seen on this exclusive tour, so you must attend a showing to witness the madness!

See below for all CONFIRMED cities and theaters showing THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL and buy your tickets here:

4/9 – Tucson, AZ @ Tucson Loft Cinema
4/11 – El Paso, TX @ El Paso Starplex
4/12 – Austin, TX @ Alamo South Lamar
4/13 – Houston, TX @ Alamo Drafthouse
4/14 – Dallas, TX @ Lakewood Theater
4/17 – Nashville, TN @ The Nashville Limelight
4/18 – Atlanta, GA @ The Plaza Theater
4/19 – Orlando, FL @ The Premiere Cinema 14 (at Fashion Square Mall)
4/20 – Tampa, FL @ The Tampa Pitcher Show
4/21 - Charlotte, NC @ The Neighborhood Theater
4/22 – Richmond, VA @ The Byrd
4/24 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Hollywood Theater
4/25 – Baltimore, MD @ The Charles Theatre
4/26 – New York, NY @ Times Scare NYC
4/27 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Painted Bride
4/28 – South Hadley, MA @ The Tower Theater
4/29 – Boston, MA @ The Foxboro Theater
5/1 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ Toronto Underground Theater
5/2 – Toledo, OH @ Collingwood Arts Center
5/3 – Chicago, IL @ The Music Box Theater
5/4 – Des Moines, IA @ The Fluer Cinema Cafe
5/5 – Kansas City, KS @ Leawood Cinema Theater
5/6 – Denver, CO @ The Oriental Theater
5/7 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Tower Theater
5/9 – Seattle, WA @ The Admiral Theater
5/10 – Portland, OR @ The Clinton St. Theater
5/11 – Sacramento, CA @ The Colonial Theater

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FM is proud to present this year's ROSWELL INTERNATIONAL SCI-FI SHOOT-OUT AND FILM FESTIVAL. Big name. Bigger event. Show off your Sci-Fi short- or feature length films in the home where government conspiracies were born: Roswell, NM. Enter the short screenplay competition (12 pages or less) and you may be one of 5 winners selected to head to Roswell where you'll spend a blistering week shooting and editing your screenplay, finishing just in time to premiere your film to the festival's Gala event. Visit the Roswell site for all the details. We look forward to seeing your monsterpieces!

Get it while it's hot! 


- An FM Exclusive Interview With The One and Only Scott Snyder!
- The Winners Of Our Time Travel Trivia and DVD Bonanza Giveaway Contests!
-  Reviews Of Your Favorite Supernatural TV Shows!
- So Much More!


Why the down face? Because you want to carry your FM's around with you to read but you're afraid of dropping them? Well we've got your solution: All those who subscribe to or renew FM will receive this handsome FAMOUS MONSTERS backpack. Be the envy of all your friends by representing your favorite monster magazine. Whether at the country club, in your personal jet, piloting your private yacht through the Caribbean, or skiing down the side of the Alps with your boy/girlfriend who happens to be a supermodel, this bag will keep your belongings attached to you while still saying, "Yes, while I am incredibly successful and powerful, I make a point to always keep knowledgeable about all facets of classic monsterdom."  Get yours today!


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