Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gem City Film Festival

January 18th & 19th, 2008

Larimer Arts Center
216 Reid St
Palatka FL 32177

The Gem City Film Festival is a festival dedicated to presenting the best of independent, grass roots film making from Florida and around the world. It is submission driven and juried.

BANNED IN BOSTON to headline closing event.
Local author and Palatka Daily News writer Lillian Brown will host a screening of the short documentary film based on her popular memoir Banned in Boston at the closing event of the 2008 Gem City Film Festival.

Online sale of tickets will begin January 1, 2008.


Friday Night Frights $10.00
"The Creature Walks Among Us" & films from the independent horror vault (films submitted in the horror category for this year's festival.)

Saturday Indie Films $10.00
The best of the submissions to the festival plus an opportunity to vote for the Audience Choice Award. Includes the film makers roundtable.

Food of Films Closing Party $10.00
Find out if your favorite film has a food creation by one of our local eating establishments. Hear Lillian Brown tell why she was "Banned in Boston" and find out who has won this year's festival awards, including Best of the Festival.

VIP Package $25.00
Includes all of the above at a reduced price.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

In Theatres December 21, 2007
Dreamworks/Warner Bros

Tim Burton is at it again, bringing back two of his prime actors Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow) and Helena Bonham Carter (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) on screen for another ghoulish tale.
With four Golden Globe nominations, one for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture and Best Director; movie goers anxiously await Tim Burton’s newest masterpiece, "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street."
The thrilling trailers of the film lead you to believe that this is a horror movie with just a bit of musical accompaniment. That folks is hardly the case; this is a full blown musical.
While the opening credits of the movie gives you a bone chilling view of sliding down the barber shaft and being ground into one of Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies; the music softens the blow and at times annoyingly interrupts the terror of the story. Although, I wasn’t prepared for this brand of storyline, I’d have to say some parts of the musical are quite funny, regardless of its cheesy counterparts. Sweeney Todd adoringly singing to his razors as if they were his long lost lover, the constant pleading of attention from Mrs. Lovett as Sweeney Todd blankly ignores her with ennui; these are just a couple of examples you are to expect a jolt of laughter from the audience. However, every once in awhile a chill runs down your spine as Depp gets that creepy look on his face, the score swells in crescendo and razors are extended from his arms. The one burning question though is can Johnny Depp really sing? Yes, he can - extremely well. Just like the infamous roles Mr. Depp continues to play, his voice is dark, sexy and inviting. It is hard to believe that Johnny Depp has never sang before in his life; except as a backup vocalist he played for in a band more than twenty years ago. Though Depp had no professional training for the film, except with the help from girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, his voice is quite flawless and at times reminded me of David Bowie or Peter Murphy from Bauhaus. Johnny Depp again proves to audiences that he is a theatrical mastermind; leaving you to believe he actually is a British pirate, a drug addicted journalist or a singing demon barber. Helena Bonham Carter also shares with Depp her own singing debut and her twisted comedic nature brings light to the gory synopsis. Although Bonham Carter never sang before co-starring in "Sweeney Todd", she has had professional training for the film. While her voice is quite lovely, I found it hard to understand her between the strong British accent and her quick spoken melodies.
Watching the movie, you can’t help but think that the characters have been resurrected from Burton’s prior films. Mrs. Lovett looks like she could be "Beatlejuice’s" strung out mistress, Joanna (Sweeney Todd’s daughter) bares a striking resemblance to Christina Ricci’s character in "Sleepy Hollow" and of course, Sweeney Todd seems nothing more than an older, angrier version of "Edward Scissorhands"; scary white face, crazy black hair and sharp blades for hands.
The storyline of this gruesome legend is quite romanticized from its original version. In the movie, Sweeney Todd is wrongfully imprisoned and loses his wife and child to the judge who incarcerated him. After fifteen years of imprisonment, Sweeney Todd is released and ready to avenge the men who took his life away. After news of his wife’s death a darker side of Todd overshadows any decency he has left – turning his barber chair into death trap. Sweeney Todd slices the throats of all who sit in the barber chair, flipping it upside down so that the bodies are disposed down a chute into the basement.
His only friend is Mrs. Lovett, a baker in the restaurant just below his barber shop.
Though Mrs. Lovett is greatly in love with Sweeney Todd, she is barely that of a shadow to him; that is until she comes up with the great idea to grind the remains of his victims and bake them into her meat pies. Despite the gore of the crimes, the songs and a well written script make you feel sorry for Sweeney Todd and at times can leave you amused by him.
The real life legacy of Sweeney Todd isn’t so easy to swallow. Sweeney Todd was not a loving father and husband wrongfully imprisoned, but just a fourteen year old boy arrested for stealing. Back in those days young boys were hung for such crimes, but Todd got off easy. Being an apprentice to a barber in prison, Todd learned the skills of a butcher and the anatomy of the human body since the barber had to often play the role of a butcher or even a doctor in jail.
The real Sweeney Todd did want revenge against the superiors who threw him in jail, however there was no love story of a lost wife or child; only the story of a young boy who snapped. The barber chute was real, Mrs. Lovett was real (she was Todd’s former landlady) and even the meat pie conspiracy was real; but this was no romantic tale. Sweeney Todd killed over 160 people in his barber shop before being executed for his heinous crimes.

Although not the horror movie of the year, I still say Sweeney Todd is worth the money if you can stand musicals and stomach cannibalism; for those who can’t, wait till it comes out on DVD. There is, however an interesting twist in the end and though the movie’s not quite what I anticipated, I still give this film an A- for effort. The visuals are great, Johnny Depp’s voice is surprisingly good, and well, the legend speaks for itself.

- Mia Carlin

Tuesday, December 18, 2007



Los Angeles, CA (Tuesday, December 18, 2007) Academy Award-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson; Harry Sloan, Chairman and CEO, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM); Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs of New Line Cinema have jointly announced today that they have entered into the following series of agreements:

* MGM and New Line will co-finance and co-distribute two films, “The Hobbit” and a sequel to “The Hobbit.” New Line will distribute in North America and MGM will distribute internationally.

* Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh will serve as Executive Producers of two films based on “The Hobbit.” New Line will manage the production of the films, which will be shot simultaneously.

* Peter Jackson and New Line have settled all litigation relating to the “Lord of the Rings” (LOTR) Trilogy.

Said Peter Jackson, “I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to put our differences behind us, so that we may begin a new chapter with our old friends at New Line. ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is a legacy we proudly share with Bob and Michael, and together, we share that legacy with millions of loyal fans all over the world. We are delighted to continue our journey through Middle Earth. I also want to thank Harry Sloan and our new friends at MGM for helping us find the common ground necessary to continue that journey.”

“Peter Jackson has proven himself as the filmmaker who can bring the extraordinary imagination of Tolkien to life and we full heartedly agree with the fans worldwide who know he should be making ‘The Hobbit,’” said Sloan, MGM’s Chairman and CEO. "Now that we are all in agreement on 'The Hobbit,' we can focus on assembling the production team that will capture this phenomenal tale on film."

Bob Shaye, New Line Co-Chairman and Co-CEO comments, “We are very pleased we have been able to resolve our differences, and that Peter and Fran will be actively and creatively involved with ‘The Hobbit’ movies. We know they will bring the same passion, care and talent to these films that they so ably accomplished with ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy.”

“Peter is a visionary filmmaker, and he broke new ground with ‘The Lord of the Rings,’” notes Michael Lynne, New Line Co-Chairman and Co-CEO. “We’re delighted he’s back for ‘The Hobbit’ films and that the Tolkien saga will continue with his imprint. We greatly appreciate the efforts of Harry Sloan, who has been instrumental in helping us reach our new accord.”

The two “Hobbit” films – “The Hobbit” and its sequel – are scheduled to be shot simultaneously, with pre-production beginning as soon as possible. Principal photography is tentatively set for a 2009 start, with the intention of “The Hobbit” release slated for 2010 and its sequel the following year, in 2011.

The Oscar-winning, critically-acclaimed LOTR Trilogy grossed nearly $3 billion worldwide at the box-office. In 2003, “Return of the King” swept the Academy Awards, winning all of the eleven categories in which it was nominated, including Best Picture – the first ever Best Picture win for a fantasy film. The Trilogy’s production was also unprecedented at the time.

For more information about “The Hobbit” films, please visit

Thursday, December 6, 2007


New Line Cinema

New Line release what will surly be the blockbuster The Golden Compass this Friday. As with their previous epic Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass was also an extraordinary movie going experience even including the voice of Ian Mckellen (Gandalf). The first installment of this sure to be massive epic set the stage for year of movie going enjoyment to come. Part one is a non stop visual other worldly roller coaster taking you on the journey of an orphaned girl who is quickly coming to realize what everyone else in the film seems to already know, she is the key to everything. Two warring sides, one trying to hold control they wield over the information in their dimensions particular reality and the other trying to prove the connection to an infinite number of dimensions beyond. The cavalcade of characters are each a treat in their own right. with each more fun and entertaining than the last. It made me wish my soul was an animal spirit that would walk along with me as it is in their world. Though there are some violent moments, it is a film that is great from pretty much all ages.

Opens Friday, December 7th, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


One Week Only
Starting Dec 7th
friday- sunday 7:15,9:30
monday-thursday 7:15

Prolific music-video helmer and award-winning photographer Anton Corbijn makes his feature directorial debut with this biographical drama concerning the late Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. Based on the book Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis & Joy Division by the enigmatic singer's wife Deborah Curtis, Control documents the life of a legend who changed the face of modern music but never lived to witness the remarkable impact of his life's work. The time was the late 1970s, and the post-punk explosion was just gaining momentum in England. At the forefront of this movement was a band named Joy Division. Formed in 1976 and first calling themselves Warsaw, Joy Division favored mood and expression over the aggressive stance that had come to define punk rock. The band was championed by Factory Records founder Tony Wilson, and collaborated with producer Martin Hannett on the album that would become their undisputed masterpiece -- 1979's {^Unknown Pleasures}. But despite the band's rising popularity, lead singer Curtis was not in good mental or physical health due a debilitating battle with epilepsy and an extramarital affair, and hanged himself in his Macclesfield home on the eve of the band's first U.S. tour. Newcomer Sam Riley stars opposite Samantha Morton in the film that sets out to tell the definitive story of a true rock & roll legend.

1996 San Marco Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL

Monday, December 3, 2007


Terry Jones (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian) invites HOME AUDIENCES on an entertaining expedition through Roman history from the alternative perspective of the Barbarians

This January, KOCH Vision and British comedian, screenwriter, film director and popular historian Terry Jones bring an entertaining expedition through Roman history to DVD for the first time. TERRY JONES’ BARBARIANS, originally presented as a four-part TV documentary series which aired on BBC Two in 2006, explores Roman history through the alternate perspective of the Barbarians. A rare blend of scholarly research combined with Jones’ familiar iconoclastic brand of humor make this a must have for history enthusiasts as well as Monty Python fans!

TERRY JONES’ BARBARIANS takes a completely fresh approach to Roman history; not only does it offer viewers the chance to see the Romans from a non-Roman perspective, it also reveals that most of the people written off by the Romans as uncivilized, savage and barbaric were in fact organized, motivated and intelligent groups of people, with no intentions of overthrowing Rome and plundering its Empire. Throughout the series’ four parts – The Primitive Celts, The Savage Goths, The Brainy Barbarians, and The End of the World - Jones argues that we have been sold a false history of Rome that has twisted our entire understanding of history.

BARBARIANS is the story of Roman history as seen by the Britons, Gauls, Germans, Greeks, Persians and Africans. Jones travels around the geography of the Roman Empire and through 700 years of history - bringing wit, irreverence, passion and the very latest scholarship to transform the popular view of the Roman Empire legacy and the creation of the modern world.

Format: DVD 2-Pack
Run time: 205 mins.
Price: $29.98
Prebook/Street: December 11/January 8



At the Kingdom Hospital in Copenhagen, everything is as it was - and nothing is. From acclaimed director Lars von Trier, THE KINGDOM: SERIES 2 delves even deeper into the realm of the supernatural then in the first acclaimed chiller. Starting with the birth of “Little Brother,” the son of a diabolical murdered, and continuing with Doctor Helmer’s plan to turn the staff into zombies, the forces of evil are once again alive and well at the infamous hospital.

KINGDOM: SERIES 2 is presented in Danish with English subtitles, and DVD extras includes the “Lars von Trier’s Kingdom” documentary, selected audio commentary, bonus music video and more.

Run Time : 291 mins. + extras
Price: $26.98
Prebook/Street : December 11/January 15



Both acclaimed and condemned during his lifetime, Austrian painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) pioneered the depiction of sexuality in art through his paintings, murals and sketches. At the height of his fame, he received the Golden Order of Merit from the Austrian Emperor and had wealthy patrons knocking on his door. But personal tragedies and the artistic and political turmoil over the explicit sexuality of his work led to a darker side, and he died at age 55.

From Chilean director Raul Ruiz, who has made his share of provocative film art and who trained as a painter, comes the captivating film, KLIMT, featuring an outstanding performance by John Malkovich. Ruiz, who has made films with some of world cinema’s greatest stars, including Marcello Mastroianni, Cat herine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert, has assembled a superb ensemble cast which also includes Veronica Ferres (“Les Miserables,” “Rossini”) as Emilie Floge, the artist’s companion in the latter part of his life and Saffron Burrows (“Frida,” “Love Reign Over Me,” “Boston Legal”) as his sexually vibrant muse, Lea De Castro.

The acclaimed biographical drama, named Best Film at the Moscow International Film Festival., is presented in 16x9 (1.78:1 aspect ratio) and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. It is in English, German and French, with English subtitles. Extra features include a making-of documentary and the original theatrical trailer.

Run Time : 97 mins. + extras
Price: $26.98
Prebook/Street : December 11/January 8

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Funny Games

Warner Independent Pictures

A provocative and brutal thriller from director Michael Haneke, a vacationing family gets an unexpected visit from two deeply disturbed young men. Their idyllic holiday turns nightmarish as they are subjected to unimaginable terrors and struggle to stay alive.

In Theatres: February 15th, 2008

Rating: R

Michael Haneke (dir.)
Naomi Watts
Tim Roth
Michael Pitt
Brady Corbet
Devon Gearhart

Friday, November 30, 2007


Universal City, California, November 30, 2007 – Universal Pictures has accelerated the release date of Charlie Wilson’s War by four days, moving the film from Tuesday, December 25, 2007, to Friday, December 21, it was announced today.

Adam Fogelson, Universal Pictures’ President of Marketing and Distribution, stated, “We saw an opportunity to advance the release of this film and are taking advantage of that. We’ve seen how strongly Charlie Wilson’s War plays and can’t wait to get it in front of audiences everywhere. We are confident that their positive word-of-mouth will be one of the things that helps us continue playing strongly through this terrific moviegoing period.”

The film, starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman, tells the outrageous true story of how one congressman who loved a good time, one Houston socialite who loved a good cause and one CIA agent who loved a good fight conspired to bring about the largest covert operation in history. Mike Nichols and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin bring George Crile’s best-selling book to the screen, along with the production team of Hanks and Gary Goetzman (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, upcoming Mamma Mia!).

Universal Pictures Presents – In Association with Relativity Media and Participant Productions – A Playtone Production of a Mike Nichols Film: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman in Charlie Wilson’s War, starring Amy Adams and Ned Beatty. Music for the film is by James Newton Howard. The costume designer is Albert Wolsky; co-producer is Mike Haley. Charlie Wilson’s War’s visual effects supervisor is Richard Edlund, ASC. The film is edited by John Bloom and Antonia Van Drimmelen; the production designer is Victor Kempster. The director of photography is Stephen Goldblatt, ASC, BSC. Executive producers are Celia Costas, Ryan Kavanaugh and Jeff Skoll. The film is produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman. Charlie Wilson’s War is based on the book by George Crile, and it is from a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. The film is directed by Mike Nichols.


Like they say, three's a charm... or spell... or illusion. Well, whatever they say, Criss ANGEL is back and more extreme than ever!

No one does extreme illusion like Criss Angel. Whether levitating to the tip of the Luxor pyramid or getting steamrolled into a bed of glass, he pushes the limits of his body and reality further than anyone ever has. In the amazing CRISS ANGEL: THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE DVD set, Criss brings illusion and mind-blowing tricks to a whole new level! Packed with death-defying escapes, fearless stunts, and astonishing physical feats, as well as unbelievable up-close-and-personal sleight-of-hand, this season of MINDFREAK raises the bar on magic to unprecedented heights!

Go behind the scenes with today's most exciting master of surrealism in CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK. A cross between Harry Houdini, Cirque Du Soleil and Fear Factor, each mind-boggling episode of CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK captures the creative genius at work, preparing and training for his death-defying feats. Criss's new daredevil performances - all live and unstaged - include escaping from a racing truck filled with explosives, vanishing a speeding Lamborghini, and levitating 500 feet above the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Now for the first time, all 20 episodes from the adrenaline-pumping third season of CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK are on DVD, starring the world's only five-time Magician of the Year and featuring a celebrity guest roster that includes Jamie Kennedy, Sully from the band Godsmack, illusionist Jeff McBride, and Flavor Flav. Whether breaking out of jail - in the nude! - or being steamrolled on a bed of glass, Criss Angel once again proves that he is the ultimate maestro of modern magic.

Run Time: 7 h., 42 mins.+
Price: $34.95/3-Pack
Pre-book/Street : December 11/January 15




For over 45 years, legendary British TV producer Gerry Anderson (Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999, Stingray) churned out groundbreaking “Must-See Cult TV" like no other. Now, this January, A&E Home Video will proudly releases a sleek, collectible, value-priced set based on Anderson’s most popular cult series: THUNDERBIRDS 40TH ANNIVERSARY DVD MEGASET™.

This comprehensive collector's set -- priced to add to every Cult TV completist’s home entertainment library -- has been slimmed down and punched up for maximum, out-of-this-world appeal! Including every minute of this masterpiece of sci-fi supermarionation, available together on DVD for the first time, the 13-DVD set features all 32 digitally remastered episodes ever put to celluloid, plus bonus features sure to thrill “Fandersons,” and the uninitiated alike.

Late in the 21st Century ex-astronaut-gazillionaire Jeff Tracy devotes his fortune to the ultra-tech International Rescue Team. Joined by his five sons, who operate the Thunderbirds vehicles and utilize gadgets that would put Bond to shame, the IR Team gets knee-deep in adventure. Natural disasters keep the IR Team busy enough, but when the evil figure “The Hood” gets up to his dirty tricks, they have to pull out all the stops to foil his dastardly plans. By the way, these rough-and-tumble characters? Puppets – the lot of them!

With high-adventure cliff-hangers, before-their-time special effects and unforgettable characters that emerged from the brilliant mind of Anderson, THUNDERBIRDS is arguably one of the all-time best TV sci-fi shows in the history of the galaxy.

Extras: Photo gallery of production stills, Two original 1965 "Making of" featurettes, "The History of THE THUNDERBIRDS", Character Biographies and Gerry Anderson biography and filmography

Run Time: Approx. 30 h., 13 mins.
Price: $129.95
Pre-book/Street : December 11/January 15




Based ON the Classic John Hughes Film, This cult tv hit makes its dvd debut in one electrifying set!

Based on the classic John Hughes film, WEIRD SCIENCE: THE COMPLETE SEASONS 1&2 compiles every hilarious minute from the first two seasons of this hilarious hit science-fiction series which ran on the USA network for five years, was syndicated on the Sci Fi Channel and the Encore WAM Channel, and has a large, committed fan base.

Following high school nerds Wyatt and Gary as they struggle with unpopularity, a dating drought, and the endless torment of Wyatt’s older brother, Chett, they eventually use their computer skills to build Lisa, whose supermodel good looks and super-genius brain is trumped only by her power to grant wishes. Unfortunately, for the duo, Lisa often takes the boys’ wishes a bit too literally, and things don’t always turn out quite as planned. From the first bolt of inspiration through their high-tech attempts at wish fulfillment, WEIRD SCIENCE is a comical look at Wyatt and Gary’s uproarious misadventures, and at what happens when high school gets reinvented from the ground up!

Extras: Interactive trivia, cast commentary
Run Time: 9 h., 58 mins. + extras
Price: $44.95/4-Pack
Pre-book/Street : December 4/January 1




Highly Anticipated Fantasy Adventure To Screen
In 800 Theaters Nationwide On Saturday Night

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 28, 2007) – New Line Cinema will present special sneak previews of its highly anticipated fantasy adventure The Golden Compass this weekend in 800 theaters nationwide prior to the film’s worldwide opening on December 7th, it was announced today by New Line’s President of Domestic Distribution David Tuckerman.

The sneak previews, to be held on Saturday night, will give audiences a special opportunity to get an early look at the film which recently drew four-star reviews in the Guardian, the Daily Mail, and the Sun after its London premiere. The Daily Telegraph also hailed the film as having “momentum and grandeur that’s hard to resist.”

Based on author Philip Pullman’s bestselling novel, The Golden Compass tells the first story in the “His Dark Materials” trilogy. An exciting fantasy adventure, the film is set in an alternative world populated by talking bears who fight wars, witches, Gyptians, and daemons. In the world of The Golden Compass, a person’s soul lives on the outside of their body in the form of a daemon, an animal spirit that accompanies them through life. At the center of the story is Lyra (played by newcomer Dakota Blue Richards), a 12-year-old girl who starts out trying to rescue a friend – and winds up on an epic quest to save not only her world, but ours as well. The Golden Compass stars an ensemble cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Sam Elliott (Ghost Rider), Eva Green (Casino Royale) and the voices of Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings), Ian McShane (“Deadwood”), Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Kathy Bates (Charlotte’s Web), and Kristin Scott Thomas (Gosford Park). The film is written and directed by Chris Weitz (About A Boy, Antz) and produced by Deborah Forte and Bill Carraro.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Books Climb USA Today’s “Top 50 Bestselling Books List” More Than 10 Years After Publication; Close To 10 Million Visitors View Movie’s Official Web Site

NEW YORK (November 28, 2007) More than ten years after its original publication, The Golden Compass (Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books) has hit USA Today’s Top 50 Best Sellers list, having seen a 500% increase in sales over the last three months. The omnibus edition of Philip Pullman’s complete His Dark Materials trilogy -- of which The Golden Compass is the first novel -- has moved onto USA Today’s Top 50 list as well. The Golden Compass has sold over 3.5 million copies in the US to date, and the trilogy has sold over 7 million copies.

With the upcoming worldwide release of New Line Cinema’s highly anticipated feature film on December 7, the film’s official web site ( has received nearly 10 million unique visitors. Plus the movie website has an innovative “Daemon” feature that has garnered more than 20 million views. The film’s trailers have been streamed over 10 million times online.

Late this summer, Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy went back on the “Book Sense National Best Seller List” for Children’s Fiction Series, and has since spent 19 consecutive weeks on that list, which is compiled from hundreds of independent book stores across the US.

The film has received early critical acclaim in the United Kingdom with a four-star review from one of the country’s leading national newspapers The Guardian which calls it a “spectacular new movie … It has no other challengers as this year’s big Christmas movie.”

Written and directed by Chris Weitz, The Golden Compass stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.


You only have weeks to discover why these victims have been abducted and Buried Alive. Dig deep, your next clue may not be where you expect it. Uncover the widget filled with hidden videos that will provide you the clues you'll need. Share it, post it, and spread the word quickly b time runs out. Watch daily as the whole story unfolds on


Source: SonyPictures

Wednesday, November 21, 2007




Tuesday, November 20, 2007

International Fest of Cinema and Technology

December 6th-8th, 2007
Tickets $6 per screening session, ($3 students admission)

Contact Festival:
Venue phone number (904) 353-6002
Location The Rusted Hinge Theatre at 9th and Main (1850 N Main St)
Short Description: The International Fest of Cinema and Technology will present a selection of independent films from across the globe
The International Fest of Cinema and Technology Announces Jacksonville, Florida Event


November 16th, 2007 The International Fest of Cinema and Technology (IFCT) announces an upcoming festival event scheduled to take place December 6th-8th in Jacksonville, Florida. Festival screenings include short comedies, dramas, animated films, experimental films, music videos and documentaries and are from independent filmmakers from a variety of countries. All festival screenings will be taking place in historic Springfield in Jacksonville at the Rusted Hinge at 9th and Main. Specific details about all the films screenings and the festival schedule can be found at the festival website

The Rusted Hinge at 9th and Main is a ideal location for the festival because of the venue's unique film history. Moviemakers in the early 20th century were drawn to Jacksonville as its winter headquarters because of the warm weather the city offered. In fact the city had the title "The Winter Film Capital of the World." Much of this film production was centered in Springfield in Jacksonville, Florida. Many silent films including those starring Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin were created at 9th and Main, which is the very location of this upcoming festival event. The Int'l Fest of Cinema and Technology, a festival which focuses on moviemaking technology and innovation, is pleased to be taking place in one of the early filmmaking capitals of the US.

During the festival, 9th and Main will have a full bar open which will be serving drinks during the festival screenings. Festival attendees will have the benefit of receiving half-off regular drink prices when presenting their festival ticket stubs. On Friday December 7th, the festival evening will not only feature film screenings but also free live music during the festival taking place from 6pm-10pm. Music performances on December 7th will be by local artists John Citrone and Ed Cotton. The art gallery at 9th and Main will be open throughout the festival showcasing works by local visual artists.Scott Abrams at 9th and Main says "The Rusted Hinge at 9th & Main is proud to support new filmmaking talent as we continue to encourage art and diversity."

The films to be screened are highlighted selections from the IFCT 2007 Touring Festival Events. IFCT 2007 festival events this year took place in New York, Melbourne, Los Angeles, London, Burlington, Vermont, London Washington, DC and The Philippines. The International Fest of Cinema and Technology has been presenting touring film festival events since 2002. The IFCT World Tour is designed to give exposure to independent films many of which previously had been underexposed to the public. The festival's motto is it seeks to "discover the undiscovered film." The "technology" in the festival's name occurs both in the content of the festival, which tends to focus on themes of technology or feature unique creation techniques, as well as in the method of showcasing content at the events.

The International Fest of Cinema and Technology event will give Floridians a unique and exciting chance to view the best of independent cinema originating from a wide variety of countries. Festival selections to be screened in Jacksonville include movies from the United States, the UK, Germany, Israel, Mexico, France, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, The Netherlands, among many other countries.


Among the festival selections are many notable independent films making their Florida premieres. The festival December 6th-8th is divided into 14 timeslots each screening films from a particular genre. Film screening sequences include "Short Films: Focus on Murder and Intrigue," "Animated Short Films," "Love Stories" "Short Shorts and Microbudget Films" among others.

Highlighted festival films include the following selections:


Animated films include 18 selections including Moongirl, An award-winning CG animation about a little boy taken to meet the girl in the moon. The work is from Director, Producer and Writer, Henry Selick who was behind The Nightmare Before Christmas and James And The Giant Peach. Selick also recently completed animation for Wes Anderson's feature The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. IFCT will also present a short animated film entitled Cherie, Directed by Jason Wen. Cherie is about a creatively struggling painter who finds inspiration from a talking frog, who makes her a tempting offer. Jason Wen works in the special-effects industry in London, England, specializing in computer animation. His recent credits include having worked on computer-animated effects and characters for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Alien vs Predator and Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit.


Thriller and Horror shorts presentations include The Oval Portrait directed by Italian Director Nestore Buonafede and based on the tale by Edgar Allen Poe, The Watcher Directed by Eli Sasich a "monster in the closet" story with a horrifying twist ending featuring unique fx, and Against Nature Directed by Antony Zaki a lavish period piece about a rich man who decides to play cruel mind games with a less financially fortunate man.


The Int'l Fest of Cinema and Technology has a large experimental film section. Two unique sequences during the festival will showcase Experimental Films- one is labeled "Dark Experimental Films" labeled as Experimental Film with a frightening or dark undertone. Experimental film selections include Australian short State of Suspension Directed by Dominika Ferenz which is a "visual meditation on the impact of technology on our lives" Louise. a French film Directed by Yannick Lache, which follows a sculptor who lives in a mechanical environment where the obsessing hubbub seem to rythym his life as a machine and the visually intensive film Insomniac City from Israeli Director Ran Slavin about a man suffering from insomnia who tries to recall how/if he has come to be shot in one of the city's underground car parks through a fragmented stream of events that encompass day and night inTel Aviv.


Science Fiction independent film selections include Bartholomew's Song, Directed by Destin Cretton and Lowell Frank, about the consequences of stepping out of line in a world set with repetitive rules, the Spanish short film The Last Alchemist Directed by Nicolas Caicoyaabout colonists who find a strange and antique artifact with alchemist symbols, and Tom on Mars Directed by Andrei Severny,a love story set on a mission to Mars in which an astronaut faces psychological difficulties. Tom on Mars is based on a number of real-life cases of dangerous psychological challenges experienced by astronauts during long space assignments.


Narrative short selections include Knife Shift Directed by Jim Hudson- this film noir mystery from New Zealand features a notable cast including Craig Hall (The World's Fastest Indian, King Kong, Perfect Creature) and Kate Elliott (Fracture, Toy Love, Insiders Guide to Love), Alone in a Crowd Directed by Brian Diederich starring Ed Begley Jr and Razor Fish Directed by Helen Williams which stars Academy-award winner Brenda Fricker ('My Left Foot') as a woman in a small village in Ireland who finds herself confronted with divorce after thirty years of marriage and after she has killed her husband. On the comedic side of things the festival will present a Comedic Shorts sequence including the British film Dutch Bird Directed by Kirk Weddell, Dutch Bird is a touching comedy about Irish village life, pigeon racing and international drug smuggling, but ultimately the lengths to which people will go for friendship. Dutch Bird stars Seamus Kerrigan (David Kelly, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Waking Ned Divine, Fawlty Towers) and Christopher Dunne, (Lighthouse, 28 Days Later, Irish Jam)


The schedule of festival screenings and directions to the venues can be found at Tickets for each night are $6 per screening session, $3 for students. Screenings will be taking place Thursday December 6th and Friday December 7th from 5pm-11:30pm. On Saturday December 8th, screenings will run from 2pm-11:30pm. Live music will be performed on Friday December 6th from 6pm-10pm approximately. All attendees will also receive half off regular drink prices when they present their ticket stubs. Screenings will be taking place at The Rusted Hinge at 9th and Main in Historic Springfield- Jacksonville, Florida. For more information on tickets or schedule please contact



NEW YORK, November 16, 2007 – Academy Award-nominated director Gus Van Sant will commence production in January on the biographical drama Milk, to star Academy Award winner Sean Penn as gay-rights icon Harvey Milk. Milk will be produced by Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, the Academy Award-winning producers of American Beauty, through The Jinks/Cohen Company. Milk is being co-financed by Groundswell Productions and Focus Features, and distributed worldwide by Focus. The announcement was made today by Focus CEO James Schamus and Groundswell CEO Michael London.

Mr. London will also serve in a producing capacity on the film. Milk is being executive-produced by Bruna Papandrea of Groundswell; William Horberg; and Dustin Lance Black (Big Love), who wrote the original screenplay.

Harvey Milk (1930-1978) was an activist and politician, and the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in America; in 1977, he was voted to the city supervisors’ board of San Francisco. The following year, both he and the city’s mayor George Moscone were shot to death by another city supervisor, Dan White. Mr. Milk was previously the subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary feature The Times of Harvey Milk (1984), directed by Rob Epstein and produced by Richard Schmiechen. Milk will be the first non-documentary feature to explore the man’s life and career.

Mr. Schamus said, “Gus Van Sant is the perfect artist to bring to the screen the extraordinary story of Harvey Milk, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to join our partners at Groundswell in helping make this dream project a reality.”

Mr. London added, “The Focus team is the best in the business when it comes to provocative, socially relevant movies with world-class talent like Gus Van Sant and Sean Penn. We’re thrilled that they share our passion for telling the story of Harvey Milk.”

Mr. Jinks and Mr. Cohen commented, “We couldn’t be more proud to be working with Gus Van Sant and Sean Penn in bringing this important and moving story to the screen.”

Focus Features International will handle overseas sales for the movie. David Gerson, Focus vice president of production and development, is supervising Milk for president of production John Lyons.

Bill Groom, whose previous credits include The Pledge (directed by Mr. Penn), will be the production designer on Milk. Harris Savides, in his fifth feature collaboration with Mr. Van Sant, will be the cinematographer on the film.

Gus Van Sant has directed such films as Mala Noche (a restored version of which was re-released earlier this year), Drugstore Cowboy (which won Best Film and Best Director from the National Society of Film Critics), My Own Private Idaho (which earned him an Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay), To Die For (for which Nicole Kidman won a Golden Globe Award), Good Will Hunting (for which he received a Best Director Oscar nomination), Finding Forrester (which was honored at the 2001 Berlin International Film Fetsival), Elephant (which won the top prize, the Palme d’Or, at the 2003 Cannes International Film Festival), and Paranoid Park (which will be released early next year).

In addition to the aforementioned multi-Oscar-winning American Beauty, Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen have produced films including Tim Burton’s Big Fish; Peyton Reed’s Down with Love; Joseph Ruben’s The Forgotten; and John August’s The Nines. Their producing credits for television include this season’s new hit series Pushing Daisies.
Focus Features


The Weinstein Co

I have to admit that I have been deeply disappointed by most if not likely all of Steven King's stories retold on the big (or small) screen. So I was not expecting much from THE MIST. What did I expect to be in The MIST? Probably something pretty disappointing and typically Hollywood. And after the suspenseful lead up to members of a small town being trapped in a neighborhood supermarket due to something deadly that is lurking in the mysterious mist that has settled over their small town there is a scene in the store room that gives you a first glimpse of what's out there, and for me it looked like it was going to be another rehash of the dreadful waste of time "Dreamcatcher," also based on a King novel. However, as the story progresses it really become a film so much less about the terror on the outside and so much more about the horror of our own human penchant to jump to conclusions, be unwilling to deal pragmatically with situations and ultimately and inevitably spiral out of control giving into fear, paranoia, and mob rule. The terror in the mist is just a catalyst to erupt this behavior in the group of trapped citizens and those that are taken by what is in the mist at times seem like the lucky ones. The ending is unexpected and mind bending. This is one for record books, a adaptation of a King film that I thought was all in all a very enjoyable movie going experience. I can't say as much for the audience that managed to get passes to the advance screening. Rows or rude, obnoxious and loud people flipping open cell phones and talking nearly nonstop the entire way through. I plan to go back and see the film again with what I hope will be a more docile group of movie goers who are actually there to watch a movie rather than text their friends the whole way through.

- Max Michaels

Monday, November 19, 2007


Song Will Be Featured Over The Film’s End Titles And
On New Line Records’ Golden Compass Soundtrack

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 13, 2007) – Acclaimed British singer/songwriter Kate Bush will contribute an original song titled “Lyra” to the end title credits of New Line Cinema’s upcoming epic fantasy adventure The Golden Compass, which is scheduled for a Dec. 7 worldwide release. The song will also be available for download as part of New Line Records’ The Golden Compass soundtrack, which will be released Dec. 11.

The song, named for Lyra Belacqua, the lead character in The Golden Compass, is written and produced by Kate in her own studio, and features the Magdalen College Choir, Oxford. The song will be available for digital download as part of The Golden Compass soundtrack on December 11th.

Over the course of her career she has released eight albums, earning three Grammy nominations and was recognized with an Ivor Novello Award for “Outstanding Contribution to British Music” in 2002. She has previously had songs featured in the films Castaway and She’s Having a Baby.

Based on author Philip Pullman’s bestselling novel, The Golden Compass tells the first story in the “His Dark Materials” trilogy. An exciting fantasy adventure, the film is set in an alternative world populated by talking bears who fight wars, witches, Gyptians, and daemons. In the world of The Golden Compass, a person’s soul lives on the outside of their body in the form of a daemon, an animal spirit that accompanies them through life. At the center of the story is Lyra (played by newcomer Dakota Blue Richards), a 12-year-old girl who starts out trying to rescue a friend – and winds up on an epic quest to save not only her world, but ours as well. The Golden Compass stars an ensemble cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Sam Elliott (Ghost Rider), Eva Green (Casino Royale) and the voices of Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings), Ian McShane (“Deadwood”), Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Kathy Bates (Charlotte’s Web), and Kristin Scott Thomas (Gosford Park). The film is written and directed by Chris Weitz (About A Boy, Antz) and produced by Deborah Forte and Bill Carraro.


Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), the leading independent filmed entertainment studio, announced today that Twisted Pictures commenced principal photography this week in Toronto, Canada on REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. The film is being produced by Daniel Heffner, Carl Mazzocone, Mark Burg and Oren Koules. Lionsgate's President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions Peter Block and EVP Jason Constantine are overseeing production for the studio.

Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV) is directing from a screenplay by Terrence Zdunich and Darren Smith, co-creators of the original stage production of the same name upon which the film is based. Japanese musician, songwriter and composer Yoshiki Hayashi (better known as simply Yoshiki) is producing the film's soundtrack.

International recording artist/performer Sarah Brightman (making her feature film debut), Anthony Head ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), Paris Hilton ("House of Wax"), Bill Moseley ("Halloween," "The Devil's Rejects"), Paul Sorvino ("The Cooler," "Goodfellas"), Alexa Vega ("Spy Kids") and Ogre (Skinny Puppy) make up the production's beloved band of misfits in this incarnation.

Bousman is a longtime member of the Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate families, having directed the past three installments of their wildly successful Saw franchise. He has also long been involved in various incarnations of Repo!, having directed both the story's first Los Angeles stage production in 2002 and a 2006 short film adaptation.

Directing a full-length filmed version of the story has always been a goal for Bousman, and he is enthusiastic about the cast that has been assembled for the production. "I'm very excited to be bringing this story to life with each of these outstanding performers," Bousman raves. "They bring so much flair to Repo's bizarre fantasy world while entirely
disappearing into their shadowy characters."

Burg and Koules agree, adding "Repo! explores human oddity in a really memorable and genre- bending way, and with our actors' unique backgrounds and wide appeal across genres, the cast absolutely rises to the occasion."

Set in the not-so-distant future, the production tells the story of an epidemic of organ failures that devastates the planet, killing tens of millions. As scientists feverishly make plans for a massive organ harvest program, a multi-billion dollar biotech company called GeneCo begins to manufacture salvation—for a price—offering simple payment plans to those lacking the necessary funds to purchase new body parts outright. But all financed organs are subject to default procedures, including repossession at the hand of the notorious organ repo men.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


In theaters November 16th, 2007

I think Beowulf should have be advertised more blatantly as an entirely animated film, since it is. Knowing that ahead of time I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Visually stunning, hyper realistic at some points, and a little too clean and eerily perfect in others. I'd have preferred more consistency. My immediate critique upon leaving the theater was "Shrek's Final Fantasy." But as with both of those films they hyped the animation factor where with Beowulf, it is never mentioned in ads or press releases. Of course with fantasy movies today you cannot help but expect a heaping pile of CGI to bring the various monsters, daemons and dragons to life, but when it comes to the actors, it distracts when you are expecting a certain level of reality yet despite brutal battles, strenuous physical acts or a dragons throaty fire you never see a single bead of sweat on any of the characters perfect unnaturally glowing skin, not even when Beowulf battles Grendel stark naked. It is a fantasy to the extreme. However, for being the first made for digital 3-D theater going experience it was entirely enjoyable. The 3-D thankfully lacked much of the purposeful over the top in-your-face gimmicks movie goers were subjected to in the 80's era 3-D films like Friday the 13th part 3 and JAWS 3. Beowulf's 3-D was more incidental but for a few scenes and merely added a new and welcome depth to the movie going experience. Comic geeks and cult movie fans everywhere will be drawn to the film in droves (as was proven at last nights advance screening) due to Neil Gaiman (Mirrormask, Sandman) and Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction) names being attached for having adapted it for the big screen.

If I had to judge on a five star scale, I'd throw it three and a half.

- Max Michaels

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

8 films to DIE for

(Movie lineup)

Crazy Eights
Lake Dead
The Deaths of Ian Stone
Mulberry Street
Nightmare Man
Tooth and Nail

Along with its partners AMC, Regal and Cinemark, After Dark Horrorfest 2007 runs over the course of one week (2 weekends) on over 300 screens across the United States from November 9 – 18th, making it the largest film festival in the world. This unique festival is the first of its kind, premiering “8 Films to Die For,” celebrating the horror genre by showcasing films that run the spectrum of horror from thrillers to gore to the supernatural. Earlier this year, After Dark‘s COO Laura Ivey and EVP of Creative Affairs and Acquisitions Stephanie Caleb locked The Deaths of Ian Stone, Frontiers, Nightmare Man and Unearthed to screen as part of this year’s festival. After achieving groundbreaking success in its inaugural year, now After Dark Films is back with an even bigger and better Horrorfest.

In 2006, After Dark Horrorfest became the first film festival in history to break into the top 10 at the national box office, grossing over 2.5 million dollars, on only a quarter of the screens of any other film in the top ten that weekend. The “8 Films to Die For Ò” package, released on DVD by partner Lionsgate Films, has reached great success with 1.8 million DVDs in circulation.

For more information on After Dark Horrorfest 2007, including how to purchase tickets and all access passes to this hair-raising national event, please visit the official website at

In Jacksonville, FL see it at: CINEMARK TINSELTOWN

Monday, October 22, 2007


20th Century Fox

This Christmas there will be no peace on Earth. When a Predator scout ship crash lands in a Colorado town. The Aliens on board escape and kill all the Predators except one. The last remaining Predator must now destroy all the Aliens as well as the horrific Pred-Alien that was spawned in the first AVP. Meanwhile the towns people are helplessly caught in the middle of the ultimate face-off between these two mythic creatures. A sequel to the 2004 film AVP directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, "Alien vs Predator: Requiem" continues the Alien-Predator war.

Release Date: December, 25 2007

Check out the gory age restriced trailer here:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brian Henson on new Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock films

In even bigger news for children of the 1980s, the Henson Company is doing a feature length Fraggle Rock movie. “I think we announced that we’re trying to develop a Fraggle Rock movie a little bit earlier than we’re doing it. Yes, we’re writing a Fraggle Rock movie and trying to pull it together.”

It’s been so long that they may have to reintroduce the origin story of the Fraggles, but devotees need not worry about a cheap remake. “I think it was more realizing the Fraggles in a slightly different environment. It was to do something that sort of stands next to Fraggle Rock rather than [is] a continuation of [it].”

You’ll see all your favorite Fraggles, and you won’t even be able to tell that the original puppets have been lost to mothballs. “Well, we have to rebuild them because they’re old, but it would be with a lot of those characters, definitely.”

Queen Kira from the upcoming 2007 film, "The Power of the Dark Crystal".

On the front burner for Henson is a sequel to the cult classic The Dark Crystal. “We are trying to pull the business pieces together on a Dark Crystal sequel. That one’s pretty far along. It’s got a good, strong script, a great vision for how to do it and we’re just trying to [put it together].”

Read the entire article as well as many other stories about the world of Muppets at: Muppet Central News

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Director Zenova Braeden Casts a Seductive Spell

Los Angeles, CA – Spice Studios has spared no expense in the production of its latest release, The Taunting, an erotic S&M thriller with supremely sexual energy drawn from the spirit world. The Taunting DVD is available in stores with bonus material that includes explicit scenes from first-time Adult director and longtime “scream queen” actress, Zenova Braeden, as well as an ethereal ghost creature. The Taunting will premiere on the Spice Digital Networks’ SPICE:XCESS channel on October 13th at 11pm, ET. More information available at

Noted “scream queen” actress and director, Zenova Braeden, brings her unique perspective and skills -- both behind and in front of the camera – to this twisted tale of darkness and forbidden lust. (

In this haunting mystery, generations of students have been titillated by alcohol-fueled stories of what roams the darkened labyrinth of halls in the seemingly abandoned monastery outside the college town of Golgotha. Drawn by the promise of sensual discovery, two students venture into the forbidden realm in hopes of encountering the legendary “succubus spirit.” Once inside they are overcome by the feral intensity that only centuries of forbidden desire and passion can create. Reality and fantasy converge as the unholy embodiment of pure Lust itself Taunts the young adventurers with sex, sin and sensual abandon not of this world.

The cast includes Gianna, Kaiya Lynn, Krissy Kage, Amanda Emino, Sascha, Nikki Vega, Pia Kaamos, Daphne Rosen, Kitty, Cassidy Blue, Jeremy Steele, Katja Kassin, Lee Stone, Anna Mills, Regan Reese and Lystra Faith as the ghost.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


DVD will be available in unrated and original theatrical versions;
Bonus features include five behind-the-scenes featurettes
charting the production from Day 1

“Amongst the greatest slasher films of all time.” – Bloody-Disgusting

“Victor Crowley is the next icon of horror.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“…salutes ’80s slasher films in cleverly gruesome style.” – Detroit Free Press

BURBANK, CA – Fresh off its national theatrical release, writer/director Adam Green’s Hatchet – the independent horror film championed by internet fans and critics the world over – will be released by Anchor Bay Entertainment on DVD December 18th. The Unrated DVD of the acclaimed horror film, which Pit of Horror dubbed “the best slasher film in twenty years,” comes packed with ninety minutes of in-depth bonus features detailing the joys and pains of creating the next great horror icon – Victor Crowley! SRP for the unrated and theatrical version DVDs is a tame $26.97, with pre-book on November 15.

Visceral and unrelenting, Hatchet is Adam Green’s blood-soaked love letter to the slasher film genre, which reached its critical and commercial zenith in the 1980s. Starring Joel David Moore (Dodgeball, Grandma’s Boy, the upcoming James Cameron film Avatar), Deon Richmond (Not Another Teen Movie, Scream 3), Tamara Feldman (Perfect Stranger) and Mercedes McNab (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”), Hatchet also boasts a stellar supporting cast of iconic genre veterans including Robert Englund (“Freddy Krueger” from the Nightmare on Elm Street film series), Kane Hodder (“Jason” from Friday the 13th Part VII and VIII, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Chapter and Jason X), Tony Todd (Candyman), and Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project).

Hatchet spins a terrifying tale of tragedy and comeuppance from beyond the grave. Victor Crowley is a hideously deformed boy, living in seclusion with his father (Kane Hodder) in an isolated cabin deep in the Louisiana bayou. When a Halloween prank initiated by local kids goes terribly awry, Victor is accidentally killed in a vicious twist of irony. Years later, a tourist group visiting New Orleans’ “haunted swamps” stumble upon the remnants of that shocking event, transforming an evening of seemingly innocent fun into a horrific nightmare, from which there may be no escape.

From its first appearances at film festivals worldwide including Fantastic Fest in Austin (winning Best Picture “Audience Choice Award,” Best Actor – Kane Hodder and Best Special Effects), Spain’s Sitges Festival, Montreal’s Fantasia Festival (winning Best Picture “Audience Choice Award”), London FrightFest, France’s Weekend De La Peur (winning Best Picture “audience Choice Award”), Los Angeles ScreamFest and the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, Hatchet immediately developed and cultivated a loyal following among horror fans on the Web. Following Adam’s numerous appearances at fan conventions, Hatchet became the “independent film that could,” rallying the fans from all over the world into the “Hatchet Army,” helping to spread the word about the film’s national theatrical release, which included sold-out exclusive engagements in New York and Los Angeles.

Critical reaction within the genre community was immediate and unanimous. DreadCentral called Hatchet “the next big thing in horror,” while Gorezone Magazine declared the film “a masterpiece.” Tony Timpone, editor of Fangoria Magazine, dubbed Victor Crowley “a potential new slasher icon,” while Icons of Fright reveled in the “over the top, jaw-dropping gore.” But horror fans weren’t the only ones to champion Hatchet. The Austin Chronicle said “no other film in recent memory has featured such a terrifically retro maniac or revisited the heyday of Eighties gore films with such gleeful, moist abandon,” while the Memphis Commercial Appeal proclaimed “I can think of no other recent film that succeeds so spectacularly at what it sets out to do.” It was even put on Top 10 Films of the Year lists for both MTV and Ain’t It Cool News.

The Unrated Hatchet DVD not only presents the film exactly as Adam Green intended – frame by frame – but also offers ninety minutes of bonus features charting the film’s production practically from Day 1. Witness the birth of the next great movie monster with the following supplements:

* Widescreen (1.78:1) presentation, enhanced for 16x9 televisions
* Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Adam Green, Cinematographer Will Barratt and Actors Tamara Feldman,
Joel David Moore and Deon Richmond
* The Making of Hatchet
* Meeting Victor Crowley: An in-depth look at the creation of a new horror icon
* Guts & Gore: Go behind the scenes of Hatchet’s special makeup and prosthetic effects
* Anatomy of a Kill: Witness the “jaw-breaking” birth, design and execution of a death scene
* A Twisted Tale: Writer/Director Adam Green recounts his decades-long friendship with “Twisted Sister” front man
and Fangoria Radio host Dee Snider
* Gag Reel
* Theatrical Trailer

The theatrical version DVD of Hatchet presents the R-rated version, as seen in theaters nationwide, along with the “Meeting Victor Crowley” featurette and the theatrical trailer.

Hatchet was produced under ArieScope Pictures, Radioaktive Film, and High Seas Entertainment. The film was written and directed by Adam Green and produced by Cory Neal. Producers were Sarah Elbert and Scott Altomare. Andrew Mysko and Roman Kindrachuk were the Executive Producers. FX wizard John Carl Buechler (Re-Animator, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers) created Hatchet’s unforgettable special make-up and creature effects.

Street Date: December 18, 2007
Run Time: 84 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
SRP: $26.97

Street Date: December 18, 2007
Run Time: 83 minutes
Rating: R
SRP: $26.97

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Latest “Anchor Bay Collection” Release Rips Into DVD October 23rd

BURBANK, CA – Anchor Bay Entertainment, the leader in classic horror DVD, has such sights to show you! Just in time for all good Cenobites to celebrate Halloween…On October 23rd, fans of Clive Barker (Candyman, “Masters of Horror: Haeckel’s Tale”, “Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs”) can pin their hopes on the demonic classic Hellraiser, which will be released as a 20th Anniversary Edition DVD under the critically acclaimed “Anchor Bay Collection” banner. Following the footsteps of previous “Anchor Bay Collection” releases, Hellraiser has been optimized for the ultimate home entertainment presentation and stuffed with enough bonus features to fill several puzzle boxes – including all-new cast & crew interviews! SRP is a less-than-sadistic $24.97 and pre-book is September 20th.

Starring Sean Chapman (A Mighty Heart), Andrew Robinson (Dirty Harry, “JAG”, “Without a Trace”), (Clare Higgins, Mrs. Palfrey At The Claremont) and Ashley Laurence (Lightning Bug, “ER”), Clive Barker’s 1987 directorial debut introduced film audiences to a new kind of monster – the sadistic Cenobites. The Cenobite leader, Pinhead (Doug Bradley), instantly became a horror icon, whispered in the same breath as Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. Forever linked with a vision of inescapable torment, Pinhead and his otherworldly minions crossed the border from Hell to Earth, wreaking havoc on their terrible mission. To date, Hellraiser has spawned six sequels, and appeared on numerous international greatest-horror-films-of-all-time lists, including No. 19 on Bravo’s “100 Scariest Movie Moments.”

For fans that have already seen this cinematic landmark of stylish horror and unearthly sadomasochism, the Hellraiser: 20th Anniversary Edition DVD is a must for their collections. For those who are new to Pinhead and his minions, now is the time to let them get their hooks into you!

Like previous “Anchor Bay Collection” DVDs, Hellraiser: 20th Anniversary Edition comes fleshed out with new tantalizing bonus features including:

* ‘Mr. Cotton, I Presume?’ – An Interview with Star Andrew Robinson – NEW
* Actress From Hell – An Interview with Star Ashley Laurence – NEW
* Hellcomposer – An Interview with Composer Christopher Young – NEW
* Hellraiser: Resurrection
* Under The Skin – Doug Bradley on Hellraiser – NEW
* Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Clive Barker and Star Ashley Laurence, moderated by Screenwriter Peter Atkins
* Domestic and International Trailers
* TV Spots – NEW
* Still Galleries – Behind The Scenes, Make-Up & SFX Photos, Promotional Materials, Storyboards
* First Draft and Final Draft Screenplays (DVD-ROM) – NEW

Also, be on the lookout for a special Hellraiser Easter Egg! Only don’t open the puzzle box by mistake!

Street Date: October 23, 2007
Run Time: 93 Minutes
Rating: R
SRP: $24.97

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Indiana Jones Adventure to be Titled "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Sept. 9, 2007) – The  title of the new Indiana Jones adventure, now in production under the direction of Steven Spielberg, is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it was revealed today by actor Shia LaBeouf.

LaBeouf, who stars in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, Ray Winstone and John Hurt, announced the title during today’s MTV Video Music Awards, which were broadcast live from Las Vegas.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a Lucasfilm Ltd. and is being distributed by Paramount Pictures. It will be released in the U.S. and simultaneously in most territories worldwide on Thursday, May 22, 2008. Frank Marshall returns as producer, with Kathleen Kennedy joining George Lucas as executive producer.

Breaking news about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull can be found at

Monday, August 27, 2007


Feature Film Inspired by Todd's, 'Twisted Land of Oz'
August 22, 2007
Copyright 2007 TMP International, Inc.

Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures are joining forces on Oz, a revisionist take on the original The Wizard of Oz books by L. Frank Baum.

The project is based on an idea by Todd McFarlane; Josh Olson (A History of Violence) will write and McFarlane will produce with Thunder Road's Basil Iwanyk. Rick Benattar (Shoot 'Em Up) is exec producer.

The news was released exclusively by Variety magazine on Wednesday, Aug. 22, generating a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry - and among McFarlane fans as well.

Todd's take on the classic is decidedly edgier than the original story, and McFarlane's Twisted Land of Oz action figures have a cult following among collectors. Olson's vision will tame that down a bit.

"I saw those toys, and Dorothy as some bondage queen isn't something I want to do," Olson told Daily Variety. "The appealing thing about the Baum books to me is how wildly imaginative they are. There are crazy characters from amazing places. I want this to be Harry Potter dark, not Seven dark."

Todd and Olson are in agreement on their vision for the project.

"My pitch was 'How do we get people who went to Lord of the Rings to embrace this?' " he says. "I want to create (an interpretation) that has a 2007 wow factor. You've still got Dorothy trapped in an odd place, but she's much closer to the Ripley from 'Alien' than a helpless singing girl."

Stay tuned to for more details as they become available!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

RELEASE DATE CHANGE - Sweeney Todd Update

It now looks as if Sweeney Todd will go WIDE on CHRISTMAS DAY!

Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp, left) takes Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter, right) into his confidence in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” DreamWorks Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures Present A Parkes/MacDonald Production and A Zanuck Company Production A Tim Burton Film “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall and Sacha Baron Cohen. The film is directed by Tim Burton from a screenplay by John Logan based on the musical by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler originally staged by Harold Prince from an adaptation by Christopher Bond. Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. The producers are Richard D. Zanuck, Walter Parkes, Laurie MacDonald and John Logan. The executive producer is Patrick McCormick. This film is not yet rated.

© 2007 by DreamWorks LLC and Warner Bros. Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Paramount Pictures Presents
In Association with Shangri-La Entertainment
An ImageMovers Production
A Robert Zemeckis Film
Executive Producers Martin Shafer Roger Avary Neil Gaiman
Screenplay by Neil Gaiman & Roger Avary
Produced by Steve Starkey Robert Zemeckis Jack Rapke
Directed by Robert Zemeckis

Cast: Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Robin Wright Penn, Brendan Gleeson, Crispin Glover, Alison Lohman and Angelina Jolie

Synopsis: In a legendary time of heroes, the mighty warrior Beowulf battles the demon Grendel and incurs the hellish wrath of the beast’s ruthlessly seductive mother. Their epic clash forges the timeless legend of Beowulf.

Groundbreaking director Robert Zemeckis offers a unique vision of the Beowulf saga in a way that it has never been told before. "Beowulf" stars RAY WINSTONE in the title role and ANTHONY HOPKINS as the corrupt King Hrothgar, as well as JOHN MALKOVICH, ROBIN WRIGHT PENN, BRENDAN GLEESON, CRISPIN GLOVER, ALISON LOHMAN and ANGELINA JOLIE as Grendel’s mother.

Neil Gaiman (the graphic novel "Mirrormask," "Sandman") & Roger Avary ("Pulp Fiction") have adapted the legend to the screen.

Release: November 16, 2007

This film has not yet been rated.

SWEENEY TODD The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

DreamWorks Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures Present
A Parkes/MacDonald Production and A Zanuck Company Production
A Tim Burton Film
Produced by Richard D. Zanuck Walter Parkes Laurie MacDonald John Logan Executive Producer Patrick McCormick
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Based on the Musical by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler
Originally Staged by Harold Prince
From an adaptation by Christopher Bond
Screenplay by John Logan
Directed by Tim Burton

Cast: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall and Sacha Baron Cohen

Synopsis: JOHNNY DEPP and Tim Burton join forces again in a big-screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s award-winning musical thriller "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." DEPP stars in the title role as a man unjustly sent to prison who vows revenge, not only for that cruel punishment, but for the devastating consequences of what happened to his wife and daughter. When he returns to reopen his barber shop, Sweeney Todd becomes the Demon Barber of Fleet Street who "shaved the faces of gentlemen who never thereafter were heard of again." Joining Depp is HELENA BONHAM CARTER as Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney’s amorous accomplice, who creates diabolical meat pies. The cast also includes ALAN RICKMAN, who portrays the evil Judge Turpin, who sends Sweeney to prison, TIMOTHY SPALL as the Judge’s wicked associate Beadle Bamford and SACHA BARON COHEN as a rival barber, the flamboyant Signor Adolfo Pirelli.

Release: December 21, 2007 (Ltd.) January 11, 2008 (Wide)

This film has not yet been rated.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Screenings Set For 100 Theaters Nationwide Beginning Aug. 3

LOS ANGELES (July 30, 2007) – New Line Cinema will present a series of special sing along screenings of its hit musical comedy Hairspray, in 100 theaters nationwide beginning on Aug. 3.

The screenings, to be held in more than 30 cities including New York and Los Angeles, will feature special prints of the film that include lyric subtitles for each song.

"Audiences leave the theater singing and dancing," says Russell Schwartz, New Line’s President of Domestic Marketing. “This is another great way to celebrate the spirit of the film.”

Sixteen years after the release of the original film, New Line Cinema is bringing a feature film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway production of Hairspray to life. Featuring new and original material based on John Waters’ 1988 cult classic about star-struck teenagers on a local Baltimore dance show, the comedy features a remarkable collection of talent including John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, Allison Janney, Brittany Snow, Zac Efron, Elijah Kelley, producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (Chicago), and director Adam Shankman (Bringing Down The House). The new screenplay for Hairspray was written by Leslie Dixon (Freaky Friday, Outrageous Fortune).

Friday, July 27, 2007


Universal Pictures will release
on Friday, August 1, 2008.


Universal Pictures will release HELLBOY 2
on Friday, July 11, 2008.


J.J. Abrams Announces Two Mr. Spocks for New “Star Trek” Film: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy

Steven Spielberg Reveals Return of Karen Allen For Fourth “Indiana Jones” Film

First Footage of “Iron Man” Shown by Director John Favreau

World Premiere Trailers For “Beowulf” and “Drillbit Taylor”

San Diego, CA – July 26, 2007
– The halls of the San Diego Convention Center were abuzz with the news that came pouring out of the panel today hosted by Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. Exclusive footage and major casting announcements included:

Director/Producer J.J. Abrams revealed his first casting for the “Star Trek” adventure: Zachary Quinto (Sylar on “Heroes”) will step into the ears of the young Mr. Spock and veteran Leonard Nimoy will return to the role he made famous. Both Quinto and Nimoy made surprise appearances and were greeted with wild applause. Abrams, producers Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman answered questions from the audience. The new “Star Trek” film will be released on Christmas Day in 2008.

Appearing live via satellite from the set of the new “Indiana Jones” adventure, director Steven Spielberg and three of his cast members Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf and Ray Winstone discussed the film, and Spielberg revealed that Karen Allen, the co-star of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” will be returning for the fourth installment, which debuts over the Memorial Day weekend 2008.

In another surprise, director Jon Favreau shared world premiere footage from his upcoming “Iron Man” starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow. The action/adventure based on the Marvel Comic launches the summer season on May 2, 2008.

Paramount Pictures, Shangri-La Entertainment and Warner Bros. hosted the world premiere trailers, the first, for Robert Zemeckis’ epic adventure “Beowulf,” due for release November 16, 2007, which was introduced by the film’s writers Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary. Later in the day, there were invitation-only screenings of select 3-D footage for “Beowulf.”

Producer Judd Apatow and director Steven Brill sent a taped greeting to introduce the first-ever viewing of the trailer for the Owen Wilson comedy “Drillbit Taylor,” which opens nationally on March 21, 2008.

Other highlights of the afternoon panel included appearances by “Hot Rod” director Akiva Schaffer and actors Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone, who jointly introduced a clip from the film that is due for release August 3, 2007. Neil Gaiman also presented a clip from the film version of his graphic novel “Stardust,” which opens August 10, 2007. The film was screened at Comic-Con Thursday evening. A trailer from the upcoming “The Spiderwick Chronicles” was followed by a Q&A with the film’s director Mark Waters, Oscar®-winning special effects whiz Phil Tippett and Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, authors of the “Spiderwick” book series. “The Spiderwick Chronicles” opens February 15, 2008. And the first poster art was revealed for Tim Burton’s “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” starring Johnny Depp. “Sweeney Todd” opens December 21, 2007 in exclusive runs and nationally on January 11, 2008.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Simpsons Movie: Review

I just returned from the advance screening of The Simpsons Movie and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. We were all nervous as to if the Groening crew could still make us laugh after hundreds of episodes and the latter ones not really hitting the mark. That could be explained by them being distracted with making a non stop animated romp through Springfield and beyond like you've never seen it before, but I'm not accepting excuses when it comes to The Simpsons. In their first feature luckily I don't have to, the 90 odd minute film was so much more than just a super-sized episode, the animation is much cleaner and precise compared to its TV counterpart the pace faster and the jokes are everywhere. I'm looking forward to the DVD release as there are some scenes in the commercials that were not in the film, hopefully they will include them later.

Keep in mind if you are bringing the kids, this one is PG-13 and is not the TV Simpsons you may be used to, no editorial blurs or pixelating the naughty bits in this one! Here are some quick highlights - Otto smokes a bong, Homer shoots a double fisted bird to a ragging mob, Bart shows off his doodle (yes, animated wang!), the "secret" new character is a multi-eyed mutated squirrel, Lisa finally falls in love and... stick around for the credits and hear Maggie say her first word!

Mmmmm... spoilers.

-Max Michaels

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


On August 14th, Palm Pictures proudly presents the release of Argentinean/Spanish psychological thriller, THE METHOD, directed by Marcelo Piñeyro and written by Mateo Gil of VANILLA SKY.


LOS ANGELES, CA, JULY 23, 2007 – Fox Atomic announced today its plans for the upcoming Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, CA on July 26-29. The initiatives planned will include signings and giveaways on behalf of the Fox Atomic graphic novels The Nightmare Factory (retails 9/07), 28 Days Later: The Aftermath, and The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning; an online sweepstakes to win the 1969 Ford Mustang from the film Death Sentence (8/31), starring Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, and Kelly Preston, and directed by James Wan (Saw); and a contest at the Fox Atomic booth where fans enter to win a Fender Stratocaster guitar signed by the cast of The Rocker, which stars Rainn Wilson and Christina Applegate.

On September 4, 2007, Fox Atomic Comics will release The Nightmare Factory, a compilation of short stories based on the work of horror writer Thomas Ligotti. The Nightmare Factory is the third graphic novel to be released by Fox Atomic Comics, the graphic novel publishing arm of the studio that enjoyed glowing reviews and exceptional sales for its debut book 28 Days Later: The Aftermath, written by horror master Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), as well as for their second novel The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, written by comics veterans Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. On hand at the booth throughout the day to discuss these novels will be artists Ben Templesmith, Ted McKeever, and Michael Gaydos, and writers Joe Harris and Stuart Moore (The Nightmare Factory); writer Steve Niles and cover artist Tim Bradstreet (28 Days Later: The Aftermath); and writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning).

On behalf of Fox Atomic’s upcoming film Death Sentence (8/31), Kevin Bacon, Garrett Hedlund, and director James Wan (Saw) will be participating in a booth signing on Saturday, 7/28 at 3 PM. Fox Atomic will also launch an online sweepstakes to win the 1969 Ford Mustang from the film. The contest officially begins when the doors to Comic-Con open on Wednesday, 7/25. Fans can enter to win at the computer kiosks set up at the booth or at the official movie website,, until opening day, 8/31. Moreover, Fox Atomic will release a limited edition poster of the film that will be exclusive to Comic-Con.

In anticipation of the forthcoming film The Rocker, starring Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate, Josh Gad, Emma Stone, and Jeff Garlin, Fox Atomic will launch a contest at the booth where fans enter to win a Fender Stratocaster guitar signed by the cast. The contest commences when the doors to Comic-Con open on Wednesday, 7/25 and closes when the Convention ends on Sunday, 7/29.

CHARLIE BARTLETT opening date changed to 08!

Despite the copious amounts of advertising you may have been seeing for the slick and hip adolescent romp CHARLIE BARTLETT, we've been told by the films reps that the release date has been changed to Jan/Feb of 2008. Stay tuned.


Universal Pictures will release DEATH RACE
on Friday, September 26, 2008.

About the Film
Genre: Action-Thriller
Cast: Jason Statham
Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson
Writers: Paul W.S. Anderson, David Self
Producers: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Paul W.S. Anderson,
Jeremy Bolt
Executive Producer: Roger Corman

Terminal Island, New York: 2020. Overcrowding in the U.S. penal system has reached a breaking point. Prisons have been turned over to a monolithic Weyland Corporation, which sees jails full of thugs as an opportunity for televised sport. Adrenalized inmates, a global audience hungry for violence and a spectacular, enclosed arena come together to form the DEATH RACE, the world’s biggest, most brutal sporting event.

Five-time NASCAR champion Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) is a man who has become an expert at survival. After eight years of hard time, he has only six weeks before reuniting with his family. But when Weyland demands a driver to headline the big game, Ames is forced to submit. Donning the costume of mythical rider Frankenstein, the racer becomes an instant crowd favorite, an unequaled sporting superstar.

His face hidden by a metallic black mask, one convict will be put through a brutal three day challenge, with the trophy being the ultimate prize: freedom. The only catch is that he must survive a gauntlet of the most vicious criminals in this post-industrial wasteland to claim it. Driving a monster car outfitted with machine guns, flamethrowers and grenade launchers, Ames must now kill or be killed to win the most treacherous spectator sport on Earth: DEATH RACE.


Principal Photography Begins on Universal Pictures’
More info coming soon.


Dino and Martha De Laurentiis to Produce New Motion Picture Version of
Iconic Science-Fiction Adventure for Universal Pictures

Universal City, CA, May 22, 2007 – Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, Sin City, Spy Kids, El Mariachi) will direct Barbarella, a new motion picture adaptation of the classic science-fiction comic book series, it was announced today by producers Dino and Martha De Laurentiis. Universal Pictures will distribute the film, which will be released worldwide in 2008.

Barbarella tells the story of a female mercenary who roams across the universe in a distant future, undertaking missions that require her physical fearlessness, ingenuity and sensuality. In travels that span galaxies known and unknown, Barbarella will challenge tradition, startle the senses and take audiences on an epic adventure of discovery and wonder. Barbarella made her debut in 1962 in a French graphic magazine written and illustrated by Jean-Claude Forest, and her adventures have been published around the world. The first film version, starring Jane Fonda and also produced by Dino De Laurentiis, was released in 1968.

“Dino De Laurentiis came to me and said: ‘Barbarella is a world where you are completely free to unleash all your fantasies, creativity and imagination—where the possibilities are limitless,’ ” commented Robert Rodriguez. “I love this iconic character and all that she represents, and I’m truly excited by the challenge of inviting a new audience into her universe.”

“Barbarella is the ultimate science-fiction adventure heroine: smart, strong and sexy, ” said Dino De Laurentiis. “In our vision, the future is female, and I can’t wait to introduce Barbarella to a new generation of moviegoers.”

Rodriguez is working with writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who are developing a completely original adventure for Barbarella. Purvis and Wade co-wrote the phenomenally successful Casino Royale and have recently finished work on the next installment in the James Bond franchise, Bond 22.

“When we decided to take Barbarella on again,” noted Martha De Laurentiis, “we wanted the film to play as a big, legitimately exciting adventure in space, but we also know that the character of Barbarella is grounded in a very specific reality. Balancing those aspects requires a very deft hand. With Robert directing and Neal and Robert writing, we feel like we have the dream team in place.”