Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Simpsons Movie: Review

I just returned from the advance screening of The Simpsons Movie and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. We were all nervous as to if the Groening crew could still make us laugh after hundreds of episodes and the latter ones not really hitting the mark. That could be explained by them being distracted with making a non stop animated romp through Springfield and beyond like you've never seen it before, but I'm not accepting excuses when it comes to The Simpsons. In their first feature luckily I don't have to, the 90 odd minute film was so much more than just a super-sized episode, the animation is much cleaner and precise compared to its TV counterpart the pace faster and the jokes are everywhere. I'm looking forward to the DVD release as there are some scenes in the commercials that were not in the film, hopefully they will include them later.

Keep in mind if you are bringing the kids, this one is PG-13 and is not the TV Simpsons you may be used to, no editorial blurs or pixelating the naughty bits in this one! Here are some quick highlights - Otto smokes a bong, Homer shoots a double fisted bird to a ragging mob, Bart shows off his doodle (yes, animated wang!), the "secret" new character is a multi-eyed mutated squirrel, Lisa finally falls in love and... stick around for the credits and hear Maggie say her first word!

Mmmmm... spoilers.

-Max Michaels

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