Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger draws the death card, no joke.

The phones at MOVEMENT have been buzzing with our friends asking if Ledger's untimely death will effect the new BATMAN film. Now, we can understandably see how this may come across as cold, since his body barley is, but lets face it, a lot of our friends are comic geeks who would take the potential death of a character a lot more seriously over the actual death of the actor portraying it. But for all of you clutching your collective chests and gasping can ease back and take a deep breath. According to our sources at Warner Bros. the filming for the next installment in the new BATMAN franchise has wrapped filming and as far as anyone can say at this early point it should not effect the release. My concern is the morbid implications it may have should the Joker die in this film as the character did in the Tim Burton version of BATMAN. Spooky.

R.I. P. Heath, you'll be missed, we just can't quit you!

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