Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Warner Bros.

I am rarely a fan of squeals. Few franchises can pull it off. This is one of those exceptions. The BATMAN returns in this gritty squeal that makes "BEGINS" look downright timid. A topsy turvy story that's more roller coaster than movie taking the Dark Knight down a path that should he reach the end there would be no turning back for the caped crusader. Christian Bale is as good as always with his throaty growl as he preaches good from behind the heavy black mask, Cillian Murphy makes a cameo in his Scarecrow role early in the film and Gotham white knight attorney Harvey Dent played by Aaron Eckhart is spine chilling after his transformation into Two-Face, the most gruesome so far. The center piece of this film however is the over the top performance by Heath Leger as the winged-ones most notorious nemesis. Leger's performance is the Joker that BATMAN fans have been waiting for all along. Clever and manipulative but insane beyond measure, violent and malevolent and trumps any predecessors attempt at the character. I stress that you should not wait any longer and get up from the computer and get to the nearest theatre or IMAX to see this remarkable film because not only do we predict that it will set records at the box office, all of your friends will be talking about it till your ears bleed and you will not want to leave it up to the spoilers to find out what happens!

- Max Michaels

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