Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jacksonville looses another pioneer

It is with regret that we let our readers know that Jacksonville looses another great pioneer in our struggling arts scene. Tim over at the San Marco Theatre has decided to leave us. Tim has been instrumental in the Jacksonville Film Festival's beginnings, The Pit (near Riverside) where he screened countless underground films, and for turning the San Marco Theatre into a hot spot for midnight screenings of avant-garde and music related films not to mention his brilliant original series "THE TALKIES" where he would invite the director to narrate live over the film.

Below is a message from his last e-mailer...

"...not to get too maudlin on you folks but this will be my last post. i landed a new position as cinema director for a yet-to-be-built twin in minnesota. after the festival collapsed due to shear ineptitude and not being able to buy the san marco (the owner isn't interested in letting it go) and take it in to a new direction (which would have included some necessary renovations) there is nothing left fer me here. it's been a long run since moving back here from austin but it seems that i have been running in place as of late. Mother of Tears the newest Argento film will be the last midnight film to screen and THE TALKIES will continue in minnesota and will hopefully become a roadshow of sorts.

thanks for all the support you folks have provided by not only attending the midnight shows but the occasional "smaller" flick or two i was able to squeeze in such as: MAIL ORDER BRIDE, THE HOST, CONTROL, THE OSCAR SHORTS,BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD and also all the big Hollywood fare that comes thru our doors.

i had this funny idea that i was going to be able to trick jacksonville and make one corner of it a little more interesting but it seems that the vicious cabal that really runs things to keep the beast alive has won.


He left out my personal fav MEET THE FEEBLES which I never thought I would ever get to see on the big screen. Thanks for making it a reality for us Tim. You will be deeply missed! Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

- Max Michaels

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