Thursday, February 19, 2009


By Mia Carlin

“He’s Just Not That Into You” is the romantic-comedy film adaptation of the same titled self-help book by Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo; contributing writers of the HBO hit series, “Sex in the City”. The story chronicles the romantic/dating mishaps of nine individuals in the midst & prime of their off kilter relationships.

In all honesty, the humoristic wit of this movie was better displayed in the movie trailer itself rather than the actual film – however, with that being said, I still think it’s a picture worth the $8 student discount.

The characters in this movie were really just a product of type casting:

First we have the trailer teaser of Drew Barrymore which was really more of an outbreak character in the movie rather than one of the main ones (compare it to her over-exposed media in the “Scream” movie circa 1996).

Then we have Jennifer Anniston – poor girl, hasn’t she had enough exposure in the tabloids of being pegged as a victim of circumstance, do we have to rub it in her face with yet another character similar to real life events?

Following that, Ben Affleck plays a man who sustains relationships but can’t quite commit – go figure….

Then there is Jennifer Connelly, who while I feel – along with Jennifer Anniston – is an extraordinary actress, yet always somehow gets typecast as the succumbed, self sacrificing uptight wife that eventually gets cheated on or taken advantage of

(References to “Little Children” and “A Beautiful Mind”)

Then there is …. Scarlett Johansson … again, in some deluded world, people still view her as the innocent Lolita type. Personally, I don’t buy it, however I will have to say that her body is rockin’ in this movie.

But the one thing the previews for this movie don’t want you to realize is that the main character in this film is really the up & coming actress Ginnifer Goodwin. Yes, she too is typecast. Playing the over enthusiastic, sweet stalker Gigi, (which bears a striking resemblance to her current role as the youthful & crazed third wife, Margene, in the new dramatic HBO series “Big Love” about fundamentalist Mormon’s in Utah) she really sheds a sadly dim light on what’s it’s truly like to have relationship anxiety.

Watching Gigi awkwardly fumble her way into one doomed date after another with the blind optimism of a fourteen year old, at first you want to slap this poor girl in the face and scream “Wake UP!!!!” But eventually, you see that this poor little sap is just spiraling out of control in hopes that her childhood/ teenage fantasies of true romance will eventually surface into reality. Don’t lie – we’ve all been there… at least most of us have.

Myself being a single gal in the dating circuit for 10+ years can embarrassingly identify with at least two of the characters in the film, no matter how exaggerated & exploited they may be.

Predominately a chick flick, there’s something for the fellas too, although I definitely do not recommend this to be a 1st date or even a 10th date movie. I think it’s safer to watch this film on DVD, cuddled in pajamas on a couch, when you are more established in a relationship rather than ruining your chances with a newfound “friend” in the theatres for the first time.

Save this movie date for your pals, as you don’t want your potential mate to get any funny ideas.

But ladies & gents - definitely take that relationship challenged friend of yours to see this for a refresher course in the subliminal obvious… just so he or she can get a clue.

Final Rating: B+

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