Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In her original improvised series "Web Therapy," Lisa Kudrow plays a web therapist with limited patience for other people's problems. She counsels a celebrity cast including Courteney Cox, Victor Garber, Alan Cumming, Steven Weber, Julie Claire & Dan Bucatinsky. Beginning today, "Web Therapy" will be exclusively available on iTunes for $1.99 per episode. Each episode includes five, three-minute webisodes and additional narrative from Lisa Kudrow's character, Fiona. Also available is a free download of the series premiere and behind-the-scenes featurettes from each season.

Lisa Kudrow stars as Fiona Wallice, quite possibly the world's worst therapist. She's not a good listener, she's judgmental, she's easily distracted or bored and sifts through everything she hears only for nuggets of information that might further her own interests. Fiona is a Philadelphia therapist of unspecified credentials who used to work in a financial services company until three years ago. She's very proud of her financial background - "I don't live in an ivory tower, I'm a graduate of the rough-and-tumble world of financial powerhouses" - though truthfully she was merely a mid-level account manager. Each season consists of fifteen three-minute sessions of what our heroine calls "Web Therapy" - chat sessions between Fiona and five hapless victims/clients. She starts Web Therapy because "in an hour's therapy, there's only 3 minutes of real work anyway. Why not just cut to the chase?" What she really means is that her clients don't hold her interest for an hour. Her long-term goal is to "franchise" this concept.

Season One
Dr. Fiona Wallice is sick of hearing about "dreams" and "feelings." She decides that 3 minutes over webcam is better then 50 minutes of patients rambling on. In season one, we're introduced to Richard Pratt (Tim Bagley). Fiona is surprised to learn her new client is a fondly remembered old-flame. Next we're introduced to Jerome Sokoloff (Dan Bucatinsky), a 35-year-old neurotic, hypochondriac jingle writer who's a carry-over from Fiona's former in-person practice. Haley (Rashida Jones), much more sane, is Jerome's girlfriend who joins in the second and third sessions. Jerome is followed by client Ted Mitchell (Bob Balaban), a well known, respected and highly skilled psychiatrist. Ted is almost as politely condescending as Fiona herself. He's brought on by Fiona's potential investor, a former client of Lachman Bros., to "test-drive" Fiona's concept. Following Ted Mitchell, we're introduced to Clare Dudek (Jane Lynch), a tightly wound, confrontational advertising executive who's been ordered by her company to undergo counseling after she threw a stapler at an underling. The season wraps up with clients Bryn (Patty Guggenheim) and Justin (Drew Sherman), a young, hip couple in their twenties who come in -- ostensibly -- for couples counseling.

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