Friday, September 11, 2009


SUMMIT Entertainment
Opens 09-11-09

I went into this film with the lowest expectation possible and was a little surprised to not be entirely disappointed. For a SCREAM-meets-I know What You Did Last Summer-meets-Urban Legend-ish genre film it took itself far less seriously than anticipated. I never jumped out of my chair once, but had to have laughed out loud a dozen times. It's a pretty straight forward story, a revenge prank gone wrong leads the group of sorority sisters to cover up the accidental murder of one of their own and months later at graduation they one by one start getting offed buy a robed killer wielding a modified blade toting tire iron. It's not the worst in the genre, and certainly not the best, but if you're bored on a Saturday and can make a matinee you may find it worth a mindless hour and a half of cheesy kills, nudity, gratuitous partying and all the staples of the best and worst slasher flicks. Otherwise wait for it on DVD or cable.


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