Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eight (Years) is Enough: Time to Rethink Afghanistan

"Greenwald demonstrates deft timing with RETHINK AFGHANISTAN, a documentary questioning the American presence there ... [the film] presents a flurry of sights, voices and figures, many of them compelling." — The New York Times

"Sending more troops will not make the U.S. safer; it will only build more opposition against us. I urge you on behalf of truth and patriotism to consider carefully and rethink Afghanistan." — Retired Corporal Rick Reyes, speaking before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

NEW YORK (NOVEMBER 19, 2009) — As President Obama redirects his attention from the Iraq War, no documentary film could be more timely or relevant than RETHINK AFGHANISTAN, from award-winning filmmaker Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Foundation. This groundbreaking documentary from the creator of such films as Uncovered: The War on Iraq and Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers is among the first films to raise hard questions about the war and the United States' escalating military involvement.

As the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan continually creates unintended consequences, RETHINK AFGHANISTAN investigates the most striking issues surrounding the war — the impact on our troops, Pakistan's still underreported involvement, and the cost of war in financial and human terms — through the eyes of experts and the people of Afghanistan.

Launched in January 2009 on a small budget, Greenwald originally released a series of online segments that introduced significant and serious questions in an effort to change public opinion on the war. Hopeful that it would raise the level of public discourse, Brave New Foundation then edited their context into RETHINK AFGHANISTAN, a feature-length film with the ultimate goal to compel all Americans to ask key questions about the war. The campaign has already successfully helped retired Corporal Rick Reyes, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to testify before Senator John Kerry and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and to discuss the issue with members of Congress.

In recent months, with waning support for the war, tens of thousands of citizens have gathered to watch segments of the documentary through grassroots screenings in local churches, theaters, and community centers across the country. With all the house parties and screenings that have been held and continue to be scheduled, RETHINK AFGHANISTAN is now available for the first time everywhere DVDs are sold.

We all must RETHINK the war in Afghanistan TODAY.

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