Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Written by Tony and Joe Gayton
Directed by George Tillman, Jr (Soul Food, Men of Honor, Notorious)
Starring Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as "The Rock"), Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino, Moon Bloodgood, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Maggie Grace.

Driver (Dwayne Johnson) released from prison from a bank robbery, sets out to avenge his brother's death. After his first vengeance kill, he attracts the attention from police, one being a Cop (Billy Bob Thornton), and a Killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), an overconfident hitman.

The Driver's no-nonsense straight-forward TCB (taking care of business) keeps the pace fast, and causes the audience to expect what happens next, then contradicting that expectation with a surprise twist. The characters are given simple names: Driver, Killer, Cop, Warden... but their back stories are far from simple, developing a mystery behind the ambush that cost the life of his brother. Keeping the audience's interest throughout the film.

The storyline kept reminding me of The Crow, with a little Kill Bill. The setting was Nevada. With Jackson-Cohen's character entered for conflict. Thornton's character seemed detached throughout until the end.

The cinematography is reminiscent of westerns and old cop-shows of the 70's, close ups and slow motion during gunfights and chase scenes, with little dialogue between vigilante and victim.

Faster's script isn't the best, but with the camera angles and action scenes, it makes up for a good action flick. Worth the money for a ticket. Definitely *NOT* a chick-flick.

Faster is Rated R, opening in theaters tomorrow Nov. 24, 2010

-Andi Cox

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