Friday, May 13, 2011


Based on the 1998 TOKYOPOP comic of the same name, PRIEST is a visually delightful and action packed movie surprisingly better than my expectations. A gory and stylish animation sequence sets up the story of a world divided by man and vampiric creatures locked in an unwinnable war, until the church trains a sect of warrior priests to turn the tide. The church has walled up their cities and its people in an industrial blade runner-meets-dark city mash up peppered with video screens pumping out church propaganda city wide, all to reminiscent of 1984's Big Brother.

The war won, these priests are now no longer needed, their ranks are reduced to manual labor and subjugated to relative obscurity until one is drawn out by a single attack in the badlands and he must break his vows and leave the city, against protests on the church elders, to uncover what is going on. Its all downhill from there. This is one I went into with low expectations and came out a fan. Don't expect a neat and tidy ending. You will be left dangling until the sequel. See it in 3D, they make good use of the medium.

- Max Michaels

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