Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Street Date: December 6, 2011           
Suggested Retail Price: DVD $29.98 ($37.48 in Canada)
Length: Approx. 315 minutes 

“…at the centre of the show has always been Elisabeth Sladen. It's a poignant thought that for certain kids, she was their Doctor.”   
The Guardian

New York – November XX, 2011 – BBC Home Entertainment announces the release of The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Fourth Season available on DVD on December 6, 2011. Created and produced by award-winning writer Russell T Davies (Doctor Who, Torchwood), the exciting action-adventure children’s series follows the exploits of school friends Luke, Clyde and Rani, who team up with alien investigator Sarah Jane Smith and her trusty super-computer Mr. Smith to examine strange and mysterious events.  The series is a spinoff of the long-running science fiction favorite, Doctor Who.
In the fourth season, Luke faces down the terrifying Nightmare Man stalking his dreams before leaving Sarah Jane and the gang as he departs for university. But the planet won’t save itself and there are still more adventures in store for the gang: confronting the Men in Black at the Vault of Secrets; waking up to find every human on the planet has disappeared; being scattered through the past in order to find three objects forged in the Time Vortex. In two special episodes written by Russell T Davies, Sarah Jane is reunited with another of the Doctor’s former companions, Jo Grant (Katy Manning), as they investigate the fate of the Doctor at his own funeral. Things get more complicated when they’re joined by the Eleventh Doctor himself (Matt Smith) in an alien-busting adventure featuring brand-new vulture aliens, the mysterious Shansheeth and a trip to an alien planet.
Finally, Sarah Jane faces her saddest day: realizing that no one can defend the earth forever, she prepares to hand over the reins to a new regime. But is her replacement completely trustworthy?
Elisabeth Sladen, the actress who first played the landmark companion Sarah Jane on Doctor Who in 1973, sadly passed away earlier this year. She is missed not only by generations of Whovians but also by the young fans who first met her thanks to The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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