Friday, May 25, 2012


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Better than expected, and timeless. I went into the theater not expecting much more than what is currently being offered in this new era of remake and sequel and was actually surprised at how good this movie was. Men in Black was funny, original, and great. MIB 2 was ok. Men in Black 3 brings it all home.

Agent K is looking weary and old, Tommy Lee Jones’ part could actually be considered small. Young Agent K (Josh Brolin) and Agent J (Will Smith) do all of the heavy lifting against the new alien threat to Earth, Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clememt). Agent J doesn’t have the same spring in his step like in the earlier movies, but he still has a lot of mileage still in him. Boris escapes a moon prison after 40 years. His plan is to time travel to when the Young Agent K shot off his arm and arrested him. Boris means to murder Agent K allowing him to alter the time line and pave the way for his race to conquer Earth. K is still the leathery senior agent full of secrets, J is still the wise-cracking agent now seasoned, and Zed is dead (I guess Rip Torn was too busy to revise his role) and replaced by Agent O (Emma Thompson). The movie also pays homage to Frank the Pug in subtle background moments, leading one to assume Tim Blaney was also unavailable to reprise the voice.

Agent J follows Boris back in time to save his partner from being murdered, restore the time line, and to find out some of the “secrets” K always keeps from him. Boris is an odd spine shooting alien that reminded me of a cross between predator and Dr. House. The movie flowed well and was very amusing. I think they rounded off the relationship with Agent J and K rather well, illuminating some of the communication issues the pair had. Brolin nails the Agent K character that we’ve grown to love, even down to his mannerisms.

Whenever there’s a time traveling movie, watchers tend to over think it after the movie is finished, and this film is no different, but keep in mind, it’s just a movie.  No space time continuums were ripped apart and look for a likeable character named Griffin. I saw the movie in 3D and it is worth the extra money to add the extra dimension.

Definitely put this one on your “to see” list.

by Dave Murawski
The Regular Guy Reviewer

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