Tuesday, June 12, 2012


That’s my boy, also known as “one of the typical Adam Sandler movies.”

A few things in life are constant. You will have traffic when you are late, you will always meet someone important after you spill something on your pants, and Adam Sandler movies will be all alike. “That’s my boy” is no different for the perpetually trapped in the 80’s Sandler.

Sandler movies consist of: 80’s soundtrack, awkward main character that gets made fun of by others, Sandler acting with a goofy voice from back when he was a comedian, Sandler with silly hair, strangely endearing old woman who says and does inappropriate things, and what I like to call the Sandler gross out.

The Sandler “gross out” is some sort of movie madness that attempts to make you cringe because of the awkwardness, grossness, or surprising character behavior. This movie will make you laugh because of the train wreck effect. You want to see what craziness will happen next, but it really has nothing to do with the plot.

 Donny (Adam Sandler) was a grade school kid who was seduced and exposed by his grade school teacher who gets pregnant before she goes to prison shooting Donny into the infamous tabloid spotlight. Todd (Andy Samberg) is his son, who changed his name from Han Solo to start life anew after not so awesome father figure, Donny, dropped out of his life. Donny needs money or he goes to prison for not paying income taxes. Todd is now a well-to-do broker getting married, and succeeding in life. So Donny shows up on the doorstep winning over the soon-to-be family and creating discomfort to the son he’s trying to get money from.

Silliness, gross deeds, inappropriate behavior, unbelievable plot turns, cameos from people whom have fallen out of the limelight, drinking, nudity, and WTF moments. Yep, it’s a typical Adam Sandler movie. Attempt to heartwarming ending ruined by odd character portrayal and we’re done. If you like Sandler movies, this will be your cup of tea. If you don’t get him, you won’t like it. You will laugh at the odd behavior and “oh crap!” moments, but once you’ve seen it…. You can check it off the list and let it blend into your past.

Dave Murawski
for Movementmagazine.com

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