Monday, May 12, 2014


GODZILLA advance screening immediate after thoughts. 

So fucking awesome. Great SFX, totally happy with the new GODZILLA look (though his feet look odd, a little stumpy, like an elephant), very sleek antagonist monsters, great pacing of story and creature battle reveals, a couple of 'Oh, shit!' moments. Was it chock full of Hollywood plot holes and improbabilities? Of course it was. But much like with PACIFIC RIM, I didn't go see it for the human drama or underlying love story ... I went to see Kaiju smash cities and fight to the death. So for this one, I suspended my disbelief and gave the critic in me the night off. Instead I took the 10 year old me who spent far too many Saturdays with his eyes glued to the TV watching the original movies. We loved it. The stuff they filmed to pad around the epic fights and city crushing wasn't all that bad either. Bryan Cranston was fantastic, though I sort of expected as much. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (KICK ASS) who played his son nailed it. Our whole gang had a virtual nerdgasm in the lobby afterwards raving about how good it was. I'm already really looking forward to seeing it again. Long live the King.


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