Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Worth the weight or don't hold your breath?

The question that everyone has been asking me is 'What did you think of the new Doctor?', not, 'What did you think of the new Doctor Who episode?', because, after all, this is the first taste of the new Doctor's flavor and flair, and with the brilliance Smith brought to millions of new, younger fans, a much older Capaldi has regenerated into some pretty large shoes.

But how did Capaldi do? Well, for me at least, i was hooked from the start. The nonsensical monologue seemed reminiscent of Pertwee's own chatter as the third Doctor, and the slapstick action of the Doctor falling from the rooftop and breaking his fall by breaking through tree branches felt a little Baker's shenanigans at play, to the snyde banter we heard as disillusioned Clara and the Doctor discusses her severe narcissism poised the left his irritated speech bitterly accented with William Hartnell's biting tongue.

But lets not forget the newly emerging character of Capaldi. In the arching climax of this story, the Doctor and the main antagonist wrestle words in an out of control hot air balloon over Victorian England, when called upon to answer how far he'd go to protect humanity, he responds by simply saying one would be amazed at how far he would indeed go, possibly foreshadowing dark decisions to come. And the story was well done to introduce not only a new Doctor, but a new side to his current Companion Clara, who up until then, had had a mildly flirtatious relationship with the Doctor.

Another well placed element was the time traveling starship stranded in subterranean London for millions of years being the Marie Antoinett, sister ship of the Madame de Pompadour from arguably one of Moffat's best self contained stories, and prelude to the first Amy Pond arch in Smith's turn at the Tardis, "The Girl In The Fireplace". Hopefully this hints at fertile ground for Clara to finally grow out of Amy's impossible shadow and into the impossible girl of her own right and the sharp dialogue and clever quips shared between the Doctor and she will allow the rather wishy washy image of a companion i have of Clara from last season to rinse away and allow for a strength of a companion rather like Dona Noble; platonic and sassy. And with two other questions ive been curious about already adressed, and presumably planned to be answered, there seems to be enough room for Moffat to flex his muscles and exercise his writing skills and see if he can maintain the large base of Tennant and Smith fangirls who seemingly only watched the Doctor because of his boyish good looks and charismatic charm.

The first question being who is the woman in the shop and and the second, why did the Doctor choose this particular face this time? What was he trying to tell himself? But of course in a show centered around a mad man in a time traveling blue box, the one thing you can always be sure of is; time will tell, and hopefully Capaldi's greatness aswell.

John Smith

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