Friday, November 30, 2007


Like they say, three's a charm... or spell... or illusion. Well, whatever they say, Criss ANGEL is back and more extreme than ever!

No one does extreme illusion like Criss Angel. Whether levitating to the tip of the Luxor pyramid or getting steamrolled into a bed of glass, he pushes the limits of his body and reality further than anyone ever has. In the amazing CRISS ANGEL: THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE DVD set, Criss brings illusion and mind-blowing tricks to a whole new level! Packed with death-defying escapes, fearless stunts, and astonishing physical feats, as well as unbelievable up-close-and-personal sleight-of-hand, this season of MINDFREAK raises the bar on magic to unprecedented heights!

Go behind the scenes with today's most exciting master of surrealism in CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK. A cross between Harry Houdini, Cirque Du Soleil and Fear Factor, each mind-boggling episode of CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK captures the creative genius at work, preparing and training for his death-defying feats. Criss's new daredevil performances - all live and unstaged - include escaping from a racing truck filled with explosives, vanishing a speeding Lamborghini, and levitating 500 feet above the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Now for the first time, all 20 episodes from the adrenaline-pumping third season of CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK are on DVD, starring the world's only five-time Magician of the Year and featuring a celebrity guest roster that includes Jamie Kennedy, Sully from the band Godsmack, illusionist Jeff McBride, and Flavor Flav. Whether breaking out of jail - in the nude! - or being steamrolled on a bed of glass, Criss Angel once again proves that he is the ultimate maestro of modern magic.

Run Time: 7 h., 42 mins.+
Price: $34.95/3-Pack
Pre-book/Street : December 11/January 15


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