Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The Weinstein Co

I have to admit that I have been deeply disappointed by most if not likely all of Steven King's stories retold on the big (or small) screen. So I was not expecting much from THE MIST. What did I expect to be in The MIST? Probably something pretty disappointing and typically Hollywood. And after the suspenseful lead up to members of a small town being trapped in a neighborhood supermarket due to something deadly that is lurking in the mysterious mist that has settled over their small town there is a scene in the store room that gives you a first glimpse of what's out there, and for me it looked like it was going to be another rehash of the dreadful waste of time "Dreamcatcher," also based on a King novel. However, as the story progresses it really become a film so much less about the terror on the outside and so much more about the horror of our own human penchant to jump to conclusions, be unwilling to deal pragmatically with situations and ultimately and inevitably spiral out of control giving into fear, paranoia, and mob rule. The terror in the mist is just a catalyst to erupt this behavior in the group of trapped citizens and those that are taken by what is in the mist at times seem like the lucky ones. The ending is unexpected and mind bending. This is one for record books, a adaptation of a King film that I thought was all in all a very enjoyable movie going experience. I can't say as much for the audience that managed to get passes to the advance screening. Rows or rude, obnoxious and loud people flipping open cell phones and talking nearly nonstop the entire way through. I plan to go back and see the film again with what I hope will be a more docile group of movie goers who are actually there to watch a movie rather than text their friends the whole way through.

- Max Michaels

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