Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top 10 rules of ZOMBIELAND

October 2nd 2009

RULE #10: Always follow the rules in ZOMBIELAND or you die.

RULE #9: Notice the small things, it makes all the difference.

RULE #8: Attachments can be fatal in ZOMBIELAND. No one is called by their real name, everyone's name is the city they are from, or trying to get to.

RULE #7: Brutally killing Zombies with a banjo looks fun.

RULE #6: But killing Zombies is always more fun in a theme park.

RULE #5: You may tip Zombie strippers with your brains in ZOMBIELAND

RULE #4: Horde Twinkies® now, they will be scarce in ZOMBIELAND.

RULE #3: One of the best parts of ZOMBIELAND is the celebrity cameo.

RULE #2: It is more likely you will die laughing than getting eaten in ZOMBIELAND.


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