Friday, October 30, 2009

ME & ORSON WELLES- Orson Welles' Original broadcast of WAR OF THE WORLDS

Streaming exactly 71 years after its original airing in 1938Or

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Friday, October 30 at 8:00pm ET

In 1938, just one year after forming The Mercury Theater, Orson Welles took to the air with a series of radio broadcasts on the Columbia Broadcasting System called The Mercury Theater on the Air. In the most famous of these episodes, Welles directed and narrated an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ novel “The War of the Worlds”, reading without commercial interruption as it was a news broadcast.

In honor of the first and arguably greatest press stunt of all time, ME AND ORSON WELLES presents War Of The Worlds, in it’s entirety, 71 years to the minute after it originally aired.

ME AND ORSON WELLES stars Christian McKay, Claire Danes and Zac Efron, and is in Theaters November 25th, 2009.

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