Thursday, October 8, 2009

Award Winning Horror Writer / Director Jake Kennedy to release PENANCE on November 17

"IMD Films and MVD Visual are proud to announce the DVD release of PENANCE on November 17, 2009.

Based on a true character, and from the award winning horror writer/director Jake Kennedy (Days of Darkness), and Will Clevinger (producer of the indie horror hit Automaton Transfusion), PENANCE stars Marieh Delfino (Jeepers Creepers 2) as a stripper who falls into the hands of sadistic surgeon (Graham McTavish) with genital mutilation on his mind.

Previously titled The Devil's Dungeon and filmed in 2008 in Los Angeles, PENANCE is the tale of a young, demure single mother, Amelia (Delfino), who hits upon hard times and decides to take her future into her own hands and becomes a stripper. Everything is going well until Suzy, her stripper friend, is beaten up on a job and recruits Amelia to take her place. Reluctantly, Amelia takes the job, only to find the job isn't everything it seems. Driven to a strange location by a dark and mysterious man (Tony Todd), and confronted by a grizzled hit man (Michael Rooker), Amelia's world is turned upside down, as her captor (the mind bending McTavish), is intent on one thing and one thing only - to purify Amelia and the other women in his incarceration.

The cast additionally includes horror vets Eve Mauro (Wicked Lane), Tracy Coogan (Zombie Honeymoon), Garrett Jones (Automaton Transfusion), Alone In The Dark II and Bloodwars co-stars Jason Connery and Allison Lange (Single White Female II), and James Duval (May, Donnie Darko).

In a 2009 interview with Fangoria, director Jake Kennedy states:

"The title changed from The Devil's Dungeon to Penance since we believe it has far exceeded our own quality standards in terms of cast, performance and look. We wanted to steer away from a B-movie-esque moniker and more toward a cooler, more representative name. Penance means 'the repentance of one's sins,' and that's exactly what our bad guy is trying to do-and what he's trying to make our heroine do against her will. So 'penance' sums up the film perfectly. This new trailer now represents the new movie: cooler, meaner, bloodier and sexier. Be warned: This is an R-level trailer and includes gratuitous sexual imagery, bad language and extreme violence."


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